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    Thank you. Solution: I started with blkid and finished with

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

    Then I saw disks in OMV VM in RAID create window.

    In terminal of OMV with blkid command I found that disk still have partition type. Removing partitions with gparted did not erase MBR and information about partition table type. Gparted is good but to erase MBR I used dd command. Now disk is "clean".

    I want to use hard drives on OMV installed on virtualbox. I can create VMDK files for using disks as "raw" disks in OMV VM, and this works if I create file system on that VMDK disk. But I can not get those VMDK disks listed in RAID create window.
    Do I miss something from documentation or this configuration can not work (vmdk into RAID array) ?
    Thank you.

    I have some issues today while configuring new installation of OMV 4.1.3.
    Main issue was when I try to delete shared folder. Delete button context menu start to flicker and was impossible to delete folder. When I looked at virtualbox window for OMV VM I saw fast scroll of printed messages in debian. With this there was also problem to shutdown OMV VM. Whatever I clicked always "create new VM" was open on virtualbox.
    So, I would like to inspect logs and probably attach it to some issue report on project.
    How and where I find OMV and debian logs for OMV VM ?