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    I don't know why people keep using these old PCs that consume 70w+, buying a new board is going to save itself by the electricity cost if you're going to be turning it on 24/7.

    My Rock64 consumes 1.5w, which is going to cost about 20c/month, which is almost nothing.

    I have Pentium G4650 that consume about 13w, which will cost about $2/month.

    A 70w PC will cost about $10/month. That's $120 a year. You can get a new PC for that cost.

    Well the culprit might have been an NTFS drive, I could get to around 80MB/s down and 50-60MB/s up (not consistent) on an encrypted Ext4 drive with Rock64, so that's pretty good.

    Edit: I got 70-90MB/s down and very impressive consistent 110MB/s up on another Ext4 drive. I guess as long as use Linux drives, you can get full 1Gbps speed.

    One of my biggest gripes is getting an external USB HDD case, for some reason they're pretty expensive. Just having an external USB 2 HDDs case could cost $50. So I thought with that kind of money, I could just use an x86 SATA with a case without using external HDD.

    Well I tried both RPi 3 B+ and Rock64.

    RPi gets around 14MB/s, which is not great.

    Rock64 was better, I can get consistent 60-70MB/s, which I think the bottleneck is something else. However, upload was only around 14MB/s, so that was not great.

    I thought SBCs were a good idea for NAS, but honestly I wouldn't recommend it. x86 these days are very power efficient. I wrote in another thread that SuperMicro C7H270-CG-ML + Pentium Dual-Core G4560 got 10-13W at idle, and 25W-35W at use.

    Well I just got SuperMicro C7H270-CG-ML + Pentium Dual-Core G4560, not for NAS but for desktop, and I checked it using wall plug watt checker and it got around 10~13W at idle, and 25-35W at use with 2 SSDs, which is pretty impressive. Compared to that, my Rock64 uses about 1.5W at idle and 2.5W at full use.

    I might just use that as NAS later.

    I checked my USB3 2TB Seagate HDD and it got to around 30W at boot-up, 6.6W at idle and 2W at sleep.

    My home nas is am1 amd server with 4disks, and it users around 30W,so i don't think this is heater(it is compare to Arm). So if you're looking for power efficient x64 get some amd fm2 dual cores because fm2 MB have a lot of SATA ports(that's what i would do now)

    Well I might try J4105-ITX, it has 0.5w at idle, 18w basic use and 31w at full use.

    But with 4GB DDR4, it would cost $150...

    Commercial- automatic rebuild + led blinking.
    Everything else is on DIY NAS side.

    Well I was wondering if I was missing out on anything, if I've figured out how to do DIY. I guess there's no support if anything goes wrong, and you'd have to do everything by yourself.

    1 thing that bugs me is that external HDD cases are so expensive for some reason... and most SBCs still don't have SATAs or they're still expensive. And with the case, the commercial NAS aren't that much more expensive.

    I don't want to build a NAS with a PSU, I'd only rather use an ARM NAS because it takes too much power and having a PC is like having a heater in your room.

    This is performance related and in line with $30 computing device. When an R-PI CPU saturates,it stops answering the network. Just because Jdownloader doesn't require much in the way of CPU (which would make it more tolerant of the CPU running at 100%) doesn't mean all is well.

    An R-PI can stream one movie but it's not up for much more than that, in the way of multitasking. Trying to run multiple streams along with other background tasks, at the same time, and there will be problems.

    For what you want to do, it sounds like you need a bit more horsepower. Otherwise, compromise. Automate downloading during after-hours periods and stream one movie at a time.

    Then why can I access to FTP etc, while Samba/NFS is freezing?

    I'm having similar issues as this one:

    OMV Machine hangs randomly on large file transfers to OMV

    However I don't have the Realtek adapter.

    It is an RPi. That answers most questions. The network adapter and your storage share the usb bus. So, you can issues there. If you are powering the storage off the usb port and/or have an power adapter that is undersized, you could be causing issues there as well.

    Like I said, I can still access the non-Samba/NFS network fine. So that can't be the reason.

    I've set everything up, but the network seems to frequently freeze when there's heavy traffic, like loading thumbnails or streaming multiple movies at once. It freezes for about 30 seconds and everything becomes unresponsive.

    I know there's nothing wrong with the OMV box, because my JDownloader plugin is still downloading fine when the network freezes. I can still access the OMV through the browser. I can access to other networks.

    This happens with both Windows and Linux. It freezes with both Samba and NFS.

    What could be wrong? Btw this is on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+