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    I have the problem that I doesnt install OMV Backup properly why I cant boot from grub because I already set up a fresh OMV installation.

    My thinking was to boot rescuebootcd on my Windows machine and restore to the system mSD card. But I cannot mount the backup usb stick ore the system mSD. For info: the rescueboot live system and the backup USB stick are connected via a USB Hub. The system mSD is connecdted directly in a integrated card reader.

    Overview aqbout the drives:
    [======DISK======] [=============NAME==============] [====SIZE====] [MAJ] [MIN]
    [sda ] [SAMSUNG MZMTE128 ] [ 119.24 GB] [ 8] [ 0]
    [sdb ] [USB3.0 CRW -SD ] [ 14.91 GB] [ 8] [ 16]
    [sdc ] [Basic Line ] [ 3.73 GB] [ 8] [ 32]
    [sdd ] [Cruzer Blade ] [ 29.82 GB] [ 8] [ 48]

    sdc - place of backups,
    sdb - place of omv system

    When i try to mount like ryecoaaron say I get follwoing reply:

    [root@sysresccd ~]# mount /dev/sdc /mnt/Backup_OMV/backup
    mount: /mnt/Backup_OMV/backup: mount point does not exist.

    I hope someone can help me. Thanks.


    finally I build in my Raspberry Pi 3+ with 2 HDD and a power supply in a mini computer housing.

    After the start up, none of the two HDDs was visible at the WebGui. I tried the old USB hub and with that it works fine. I thought it is because the new Hub is USB 2.0 (with external power supply) and the HDDs (Seagate Barracuda 2,5”) need 1 Ampere but from the sound they make I think they start successfully. A current measurement shows that the current goes up to 800 mA and stabilize at something like 500mA.

    Anyway, I have one questions:

    1. Does the Raspy make a difference between hubs? I mean, does it recognize the HDD only with the originally used hub?




    ich klinke mich mal ein, da das Thema ja noch relativ aktuell ist.

    Ich versuche ein Verbindung per ftp SSL/TLS auf mein OMV zu bekommen. Filezilla zeigt mir aber keine Ordner an, egal was ich einstelle oder welche Ports ich freigebe.

    Habt ihr vll. Tipps woran das liegen kann? Ich finde leider auch kein Tutorial und alles was ich gelesen und probiert habe, hat nicht geklappt.

    Viele Grüße,

    EDIT: Durch setzen der SSH Berechtigung meines ftp Users konnte ich jetzt per FTPS zugreifen. Das "Problem" ist aber, dass ich das komplette Systemverzeichnis sehe. Also nicht nur die shared folders sondern alles, obwohl keine derartige Freigabe besteht. Wie kann ich das verhindern?