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    Plex was working fine for a long time, and 2 days ago I got Transcoder error on my Shield TV and WEB Player. I tried to reinstall few times and struggled with same issue like others, and finally this last 4 steps helped me. Which was quite odd even the docker version of Plex had a transcoder errors.
    Thanks guys!

    I have same issue with transfer limit to max 20mb/s for about a week. I don't have any clue what is wrong...

    I can copy from server with 20 mb/s but copying to server is going with regular speed 50 mb/s and no matter if I use samba protocol or FTP. There is this strange limitation.

    Well I reinstalled omv 15 days ago and it was fine, till I changed the name omv host name from openmediavault to nas. After this small change I've got login window again. I checked all shared folder ACL permissions even reset them with resetperms plugin all shares in smb/cifs are set to allow guests. I don't know where is the problem and why changing the host name did it.

    Is there any ready to use plugin for making a websites backups from an external www server? I need to make automated backups for my Wordpress and Joomla websites - files and mysql databases. It would be great if I could just configure an ftp connection to download all files (with compression) and make mysql database copy from mysql server.