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    Should I be installing from backports like so:

    apt-get -t stretch-backports install cockpit cockpit-docker cockpit-packagekit cockpit-storaged

    or just use the command from technodad's video?

    Also, I had assumed that selecting 'Enable Backports' in the OMV Extras GUI would add 'stretch-backports main' to my sources list, but apparently not. What does it do? Install a backport kernel?


    I should mention there are 4 shared folders from the pool and they all fail to mount. How would I test to see if i.e. /sharedfolders/Media is missing? Should I unmount the mergerfs pool (in this case called 'Primary') and check to see that /sharedfolders has all the same directories in it?

    Edit: There are 4 directories in /sharedfolders corresponding to the 4 shared folders from the pool right after restarting the system, and they are empty.

    Hi everyone,

    After a reboot OMV4 fails to mount the directories from my mergerfs pool into the /sharedfolders directory. The directories from my regular, non-pooled disk mount there fine. If I create a shared folder from the web UI after boot everything gets mounted as it should. My theory is that it's because FUSE is mounted after the sharedfolders-[].mount scripts run, but I'm pretty new to all this. Here are what I think are relevant log snippets, in chronological order. These are during startup:

    This is the MergerFS pool being mounted:

    Nov 29 00:17:30 nounvault systemd[1]: Mounted /srv/8a57fc99-ce30-48a4-9ed2-7588e0c9d9f6.

    This is a folder from that pool failing to mount slightly later:

    Nov 29 00:17:30 nounvault systemd[1]: sharedfolders-Media.mount: Starting requested but asserts failed.
    Nov 29 00:17:30 nounvault systemd[1]: Assertion failed for Mount shared folder Media to /sharedfolders/Media.

    Here is FUSE mounting a bit later still:

    Nov 29 00:17:30 nounvault systemd[1]: Mounting FUSE Control File System...
    Nov 29 00:17:30 nounvault systemd[1]: Mounted FUSE Control File System.

    I've searched the forum a lot but I haven't found a fix. Thanks for any help!

    I'm using the latest OMV4 on an ASUS P55 motherboard.