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    I find out a funny thing in OMV web gui, on filesystem tab I have this results:

    /dev/sda1 ext4 1.79TB 2.39 USED
    /dev/sdb1 ext4 1.79TB 76MB USED
    /dev/sdc1 ext4 49.14GB 23.65 USED

    This is my OS disk /dev/sdc1:

    /# du -hx --max-depth=1
    8.0K ./media
    46M ./boot
    4.0K ./home
    16K ./lost+found
    4.0K ./mnt
    845M ./usr
    2.4G ./var
    4.0K ./opt
    13M ./bin
    4.0K ./lib64
    15M ./sbin
    36K ./root
    20G ./sharedfolders ********** this is a shared folder under /dev/sda1 disk!!!
    7.3M ./etc
    12K ./srv
    428M ./lib
    4.0K ./export
    24G .

    As you can see, /sharefolders count 20GB but this is a mounted partition from /dev/sda1.
    What's wrong here ?
    I should expected to see 20GB used under /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdc1 only 4GB used.

    My docker containers are managede under /dev/sda1 disk not on my OS's disk as obiouvs!

    Any help?


    I ma new to this forum and to OMV.
    I have a fresh OMV 4.x installed in a 64Gb USB flash Drive ( flashRAM plugin activated ), 8Gb RAM, 2x2TB WD Red.

    My target is:

    HD1 (2Tb)alpha
    HD2 (2Tb)beta ( mirror of HD1 by rsynch scheduled job )

    Run NextCloud in order to manage HD1 content ( using external storage plugin )

    Since there is no any plugin for NextCloud I have installed it under Docker.

    • Is it correct to install Docker and its content under the OS USB flash drive ? It seems to me that is slowing down everythings. i'd like to minimaze the access to the USB key.
    • Can I install docker and its content in my HD1 drive ?
    • If my OS disk will fail I‘d like to manage a OMV backup that permits me to change my USB flesh drive and get everythings up and running smoothly and quickly. How should I achieve this goal ?

    Do I have to plan to replace my USB flash drive with a low cost SSD USB HD ?

    Thank you

    Thank you very much, this is much clearer now!.
    So I can setup rsynch and when I will get an additional drive I will setup snapraid with a parity disk setted to the new disk and unionFS will mere the two old disk ( I will clean one ).

    thank you !!


    I have a 4 bay NAS with 2 disk 2TB each.
    I want to configure SnapRaid + UnionFS.

    With SnapRaid:

    Disk1 -> Parity
    Disk2 -> Data + content

    Its says that I need to have 2 content disk at least, what i am suppose to do ? can i set it up like

    Disk1 -> Content + parity
    Disk2 -> Content + Data

    ? is this correct ?

    What about UnionFS ? Can I merge Disk1 and Disk2 as a single disk called "storage" ? or is useless sicne the disk1 is used for parity only ?

    thank you