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    Ever since migrating to OMV 5.x, I get random ZFS resilvering events at usually the 8/9 day uptime mark, but sometimes just 2 days go by. Not sure what's wrong, but I get this on dmesg:

    Over and over again, the only solution is rebooting. Is this a hardware issue with my new motherboard? Has anyone seen something like this before?


    Anyone got pointers on a good solution to browse photos on your NAS? I'd love to use something Docker-based, either a dedicated gallery or a file explorer that allows browsing images, with EXIF parsing.

    I've tried Piwigo, Zenphoto, Filerun and a few others, but Piwigo is a bit stiff with album creation, Zenphoto too and couldn't get Filerun to connect to its MySQL DB with the given compose file.

    Ideally, I'd just like to Docker-bind my server's root on an image (as read-only) and browse, with bonus points for a login system.

    Seeing this too :(


    One of the drives in my ZFS pool (the only one I have) is bust. Here's my pool's config:

    zpool0 DEGRADED 0 0 0
    raidz1-0 DEGRADED 0 0 0
    ata-WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WCC4N1LA93V8 ONLINE 0 0 0
    ata-WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WCC4N1DKCLHF FAULTED 1 1.55K 10 too many errors

    How can I replace it? Just power down the NAS and replace the drive and run scrub? Or do I have to plug the new drive in and do a detach/attach?

    Thanks for any help!

    I have the same issue - my /var/www/openmediavault/extjs6 folder doesn't exist, so the ExtJs 6 references in the source are all 404ing. How do I get these files?? (I'm on 3.0.79)

    I've been trying out 3.x and so far, a bit rough around the edges but very usable.

    I do have an error with RRD graphs - when I run omv-mkgraph this is the output:

    ERROR: rrdc_flush (/var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost/cpu-0/cpu-idle.rrd) failed with status -1.

    I notice none of the files are there inside /var/lib/rrdcached/db, so I created this one by hand but still no go.

    What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

    I've used OMV for a couple of years now, with no issues. But lately it's been buggy as hell. I've been getting these errors, any idea what this might be?

    Thanks for any pointers...

    Well, I've compiled 4.6.5 and it still doesn't work with VirtualBox. I get this trying to recompile the kernel modules:

    after the patch mentioned on the first page, and another one I googled for, it's all good