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    I'm just setting up OMV on a NanoPI M4 (rk3399) and 2 x USB 3.0 drives.

    I like the storage to be expandable and failure tolerant. Also want to avoid bitrod. Plates should fall asleep if not used for a while, ...

    What's the best configuration for this?

    Would you recommend btrfs or what would you recommend?

    Any considerations / best practices on the configuration?

    Hello everyone,
    Im new to OMV and want to get my first hardware for it. Which of the RK3399 boards would you currently recommend?

    My idea of now is a

    • rk3399 board with
    • 2 external usb3.0 8th drives formatted with btrfs.
    • Use resilio for Dropbox like functionality
    • Use time machine as backup
    • Share through smb
    • Private usage, may shut down if not needed and wake on lan.

    Has a rk3399 enough power for this? And do I need active cooling?

    Or would you rather recommend something on x86 architecture like the odroid-h2?

    Thanks in advance for your expertise and hints!