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    Push - happened to me today for the first time. 1/3 disks are missing in the OMV interface.

    I have actually no idea how to decrypt it otherwise? Does it work via CLI? Will it somehow appear again?!?

    Hi all,

    I'm using Duplicati for my backups currently and I want to change y destination from Gdrive to Dropbox.

    However it turns out, that apprently the OAUTH from Duplicati to Dropbox is not implemented properly as it only returns a SL (short-lived) token that expires after a couple of hours.

    I haven't found a way to replace it with a proper token that doesn't expire. There is no config option in Duplicati itself and I tried to create my own app via Dropbox App Console.

    I can hardly imagine that this behaviour is as expected? It would basically mean that there is no one out there, using Duplicati + Dropbox?

    Autorisation mit dem OAuth Service ist fehlgeschlagen: {"error_summary": "expired_access_token/.", "error": {".tag": "expired_access_token"}}.

    Version: Aktuell wird Duplicati - verwendet

    Any help is much appreciated.


    (feel free to reply in GER or ENG)

    did anyone get it working?

    I have OMV5 with ioBroker, InfluxDB and Grafana deployed via Docker (Portainer)

    Would be nice to send all system metrics either via iobroker to InfluxDB or directly to the DB.

    Question: Did you setup portainer before installing virtualbox? I did't experience these errors during install. Just the fact that i couldn't connect to the VRDE's. I always could login to PHPVirtualbox, just remote desktopping to a virtual machine didn't work.

    I wil add your findings in the Guide, So if other people run into it they are aware that this could happen..

    Hey, I also had Portainer installed before running through the Virtualbox installation.

    For me the process worked fine and I can access PHPVirtualBox + I can also create VMs, however I cannot connect via RDP nor the Console.

    I just found out, that even the "vboxmanage list vms" does not show any of the VMs that I created using PHPVirtualBox.... why is there any disconnect?

    I'm now about to create a new VM completely from scratch via vboxmanage CLI to see what difference it makes... also the VM created via CLI does not show up in PHPVirtualBox....

    Any ideas?

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the detailed how-to! This way I managed to put all my single containers in a unified compose file and I'm now able to deploy all containers in one stack with just one click!

    What used to be a lot of manually and tedious work is now automated! Especially helpful for my current situation where I do a lot of testing around OMV5 and Proxmox!


    Hi macom,

    thanks for your answer. I found a solution in the meantime. I created a new user instead of the default "ubuntu" one and then mounted my hard disks to the container. Everything works now but I agree that the container is way to oversized for my file management tasks.

    Thanks for highlighting doublecommander, I will definitely take a look!

    I need to say it is really hard to find an appropriate solution for this use case.
    Most of the them require to duplicate all photos which is just not feasible for larger libraries.

    The only ones working so far are Nextcloud Gallery, Plex, Photoshow - all of them are not really satisfying for various reasons.

    Ownphotos looks the best but it doesn't work for me. (plus the docker container has 5gb)

    So please keep this thread up to date if you find a nicer solution.


    Hi community,

    I try to keep it short - I had massive problems with my OMV installation as it run out of disk space.
    I was able to recover it and most things work fine now.

    However I was stupid enough to delete all the .list files under /etc/apt/sources.list.d.
    Currently the only file I created is the main openmediavault.list which works fine.

    However when I try to execute apt-update it runs into the following error:

    "Abschließender Zeilenvorschub fehlt in Dateilisten-Datei des Paketes "openmediavault-docker-gui" - fatal error.
    (eng: files list file for package 'openmediavault-docker-gui' is missing final newline)

    I dont want to delete and reinstall the docker-gui as all my containers and configs would be removed.

    Can someone provide me those files?

    Hi all,

    I use Autoshutdown to shutdown my NAS which works fine so far.
    WOL is activated which works fine when sending a ping to wake it up.

    However what bothers me is that the NAS wakes like a dozens time a day for reasons I could not identify.
    I have switched of cronjobs, antivirus, smart scanning etc.

    I searched the sys logs but I'm not able to determine the right lines which identify the reasons for the system to wake up.

    Most probably it is related to SMB or AFS?

    ANy ideas are much appreciated, thanks!

    Hey @dildano,

    have you managed to get an answer on your 3rd question?

    I do have a similiar challenge. I'm using the Docker plugin where I have 4 containers, one of them is OpenVPN.

    I need a kind of boot sequence to make sure that OpenVPN is started first, then a pause of 2 minutes, then the rest should start.

    Otherwise my containers will get into a "death" status, as the VPN is not yet available.