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    Thanks adoby. I think it might be a combination of ALIEN enemies and ghosts in the machines. :D

    I was definitely trying to connect to the right IP address and there's nothing wrong with the cable (it was connecting to the previous incarnation of the same box without issues) but direct connection with a monitor revealed that it was not booting, with a string of errors.... Nothing was loose.

    The installation was fine when it was in another room....

    Unfortunately, yet another "drama" had me reach the end of my tether and I've given up. :(

    Thanks anyway.

    Hi, new user. Fresh installation of omv 4.1.6 (updated from 4.1.3 to fix another issue where that was the recommended fix). All I have done is to move the microserver (HP N54L) into the other room after setting it all up. Now I have no access to the web gi, windows diagnosis tells "The remove device or resouce won't accept the connection". Putty attempt gives "Fatal error Network error: connection refused".
    The dhcp server says the ip name reservation is active and I get a reply when I ping the ip address.

    Obviously, I'm going to have to cart my screen into the other room to try to see what's going on, but could somebody give me an idea as to what's going on? I'm getting quite frustrated with this installation, I've encountered a lot of issues. Not being able to access the server remotely is a deal-breaker if this isn't something I can easily fix and not have happen again.


    Hi, I'd signed up to get some help with a similar issue. The advice in this thread allowed me to figure it out and fix it. Thank you liquid7 and LegerD. :)

    How my issue was different was that my installation went ok. The usb stick to which I'd installed (from another usb stick) booted fine (with a few interesting errors and glitches, that seem to have sorted themselves). It was after I added the storage hard drives to the system that it would not boot with a string of errors and then the initramfs "thing". What had happened is that the usb boot device was sda1 until the hard disks went in and the system then gave the hard disks sda1 etc. With only one hard disk in, I had to edit grub to make the boot device sdb1. After putting the rest in, it seems (from the scroll as it's booting from a monitor directly attached) that the usb boot device is now sde1, but as I had followed LegerD's advice and had updated grub so it now has the uuid of the usb stick, the additional change didn't mess up the booting.

    Thanks again.
    (not so woeful any more... :D)