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    Hello everyone,

    I want to create a group which has the rights to read directories and files, also to change the directories but not to write and specificly delete any file or directory on my drives. The reason for that is, that I want to have a program which has it's own user. This program should be able to read the files and directories and also to change the directories.

    The drives are mounted in /srv/. I created a group called "indexers" and set the Privileges to "read only" on that specific sharedfolder. Then I created a user and assigned the "indexers" group to it and also removed the "users" group from it. I also changed the primary group of the user to the "indexers" group. Then I set the ACL on the specific folder that I want to read the files from to "read-only" to the "indexer" group.

    The problem is, that the user has no rights to see the content of the directory. What am I missing here and what step do I have to take in order to make a group which has read-only rights to my files?

    getfacl log:

    I also took some screenshots:

    ACL of that folder:

    Note: I also tried with "Others" set to read-only, but that didn't work either.

    Privileges of the drive:

    Alright, I was expecting that. Having an import/export function for SnapRAID would be to good to be true. Is my parity data lost when I configure the drives again? Or does it pick the parity data thats already on the disk?

    Thanks for the advice regarding the installation, I was already planning on disconnecting the drives when installing OMV 5.