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    RESOLVED! Thanks everyone. I do think after just now trying all of the above (OMV backup, winsysimage32, and some other clone sw) I think I prefer just cloning it on my laptop. That seems headache free when or if I actually have the need for it.

    This little headless HC2 unit is a perfect fit for my nas. Thanks Adoby, for the explanation in an earlier post. In a couple weeks after getting to know this more I will pick up a primary nas with HDMI out to tinker more using it as pri nas and the hc2 as backup.

    Thanks again --


    I've searched around, I just cant figure out how to perform emergency / system backup of this new OMV 4.1 / Odroid hc2 arm system with sata 3 1tb hd. To avoid redo of install, plugins, shares, updates etc. :S I understand how to backup the data folders.

    It seems the clonezilla TAB is missing on OMV 4.1 / Odroid-hc2 arm. I read this is was removed. This is a new system, works great, good time to perform system backup - it's clean! 8o

    Also, I am reading up in Odroid forum, trying to figure out if I could or should install OMV directly onto the sata hd, as a service, boot off sd and have everything on sata drive. If so, I'll reinstall and clone the system off my win 10 machine. Thoughts? So far I reading armbian is buggy with debian stretch on the h2.

    Anyone please comment. Thank You !

    Thank You All – so many fantastic concise points – thanks for the direction and solid informative.

    A small arm unit over a larger x86 boxdefinitely sounds so much more appealing (now) and it's a perfect fit forwhat I need after hearing this feedback.

    I will search around some more in theOMV forum prior to ordering any hw. This site is a Britannica ofinformation! Adoby made me think beyond just OMV.

    Sprinkling 2-4 of these around thehouse if I pilot the right unit would be easy. Relief compared towhat I am doing today. I was looking at a RK3399 last night, wow ...

    Many Thanks --

    Hello everyone,

    Any feed back would be helpful, thankyou in advance. I am new to OMV(newborn yesterday). After mistakenlyviewing TDL's youtube – I was hooked. Have a need. Wow. Absolutelylove the simplicity.

    My trouble is deciding which hardwareplatform to use ARM? X86? What I want may not be what I should do or in thought headed towards...given OMV is my goal.

    Use case:

    • Centralize all personal documents, photos, videos, SW images.
    • Monthly image push (macrium) for pc backup.
    • Weekly perform small sized media backup's
    • All streaming is from I-net to LAN devices not the NAS.

    HW Requirements:

    • single board system, low power
    • Boot and run system image from 'fast storage', not usb. Prefer SSD.
    • One (1) SATA port (real sata) for SSD to hold content.
    • 2GB, 64bit
    • HDMI 2.0
    • GigE, USB 3

    SW Requirements:

    • OMV only


    • Case – not important, WiFi – if possible I'll use USB3 w/11ac else wired gigE, and ?


    • Home network – all good - GigE wired and 11a/g/ac radiates everywhere.


    • For ARM deployment, I am unable to find above requirements. ODROID-HC2 ($60) is about the closest possible. That would make Debian boot/run from eMMC, a UHS-1 card. Wont this make performance bottleneck, just suck under load, during load?
    • For x86 deployment, I was able to find ASRock J5005-mini ITX ($120) has all the bells and whistles.

    From a technical standpoint, the x86system seems to make more sense.
    From a cost standpoint, I could easilypurchase two (2) ARMs and make them redundant. Pri/Sec.

    If cost is about the same, it seems thedecision process changes: going with ARM increases reliability butdecreases performance; going with x86 increases performance butdecreases reliability – given roughly the same initial investment.??

    In the past, I've always used an eSATA/USB3 cradle to back up “everything”. On top of that, I have dualdrives in every machine everywhere...and unknown bunches of freecloud accounts everywhere. Yep – it's a real headache.

    For quick board reference:…aspx?Item=N82E16813157808

    To save reading questions posted manytimes before, please comment on hardware direction understanding OMVis the goal and written above is where I'm at. Reply with link toappropriate post or on the web? Many Thanks --