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    That sounds good so all the additional installation will be on the SSD.
    As mentioned before the installation guide is really good, but is there also a configuration tutorial anywhere?
    I couldn#t find that much about it.

    The first steps are always the worst as I have to know how I setup the RAID.

    What would you guys recommend if I have 3 HDD 2TB RAID 1 or RAID5, which setup does give me the highest security; in such cases where a HDD goes down?


    Hello Davidh2k,
    you are right I found already a lot of good information so far. The installation guide is fine.
    But I'm still in doubt about the installtion of Plex, as far as I understood OMV using the whole sdd for the installation. That's why I was wondering how I can install Plex as well. But of course I will give it a try.


    Hello Community, I just build my own NAS so far and I like to use OpenMedia Vault as operating system.
    I do of course have all data on that NAS, data, video and photos. But my question is now how I can get those data available in my network?

    How do I feed DLNA and what about Plex, is there any chance to get Plex running on that system. I do have installed a SSD with 120 GB where I will install the OMV.

    But I'm really interested in the Plex Server, maybe some of you do have that fixed?

    best regards