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    I just changed my Nas to OMVtwo weeks ago. Here is what I learned so far:

    • I installed two (empty) Harddisks (to be configured as RAID)
    • The OMV system eas installed on a 128GB USB Stick.
    • Using the web interface the two harddisks were configured as RAID (Mirror), formatted and the first File system was created
    • Thereafter I started copying the first Data (only a few) from the old NAS to the OMV and checked that everything turned out find. I did!

    Then I installed a different version of OMV onto the USB stick to see what happens:
    The good news is:

    • The Raid is still there
    • The file system however shows empty, but if you create a new file system with the same folder name as before, all your copied files appear again.

    I did about 6 new installations witout any data loss.

    Have fun!


    this task:
    find /sharedfolders/ipcam/FI9853EP_00626E8692EA/snap -type f -mmin +1500 -exec rm {} \;
    is active under scheduled jobs (root), but ist not performed.

    It works perfect when executed manually

    Any Ideas?



    I have 8 NFS shares on the OMV, all with the same privileges and options.
    On the Mac shell I can mount any of these nfs shares on the Mac. Therafter I am able to access any of the mounted folders by 'cd..' or with the finder except one spezific folder (it's the largest with videos). Changing the mount point has also no effect.
    When I want to 'cd' into that folder, it says 'permission denied', using the Finder that folder shows empty.

    Apple filing and SMB with that folder is working.

    Any ideas?



    so far I managed to get the system boot from USB Stick, DATA Mirror RAID with two HDs....runs perfekt so far.
    I installed two aditional disks, formatted ext4. I installed the LMV plugin.
    Now, as I go into the Logical Volume Management and try to add a Physical Volume.....there is nothing to select

    Same behavior in OMV 5 and OMV 4.1

    Thanks for help!