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    Hello . I am currently in the middle of learning to create my NAS and I have followed almostall the Technodad videos. Today was your passage in my learning. If I can give you some advice, think of beginners like me or I need to look several times. The zooms are very pleasant and your speech rate is too fast. Perhaps you could do this more slowly, especially since I am not English, but French. Understanding and automatically translating youtube will be better. Thank you for your tutorial. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for your kind words!

    In the future will definitely make the videos slower and more explained. My excitement for linux/terminal gets the best of me. ;)
    Will work on that for future tutorials/videos.

    Also will look into the translation options. THe new YouTube backend is something to be explored. Thanks so much @madameko!

    You can give the Portainer's Stacks feature a try. Note that directory paths may change for you (only source paths on the left of the colon), edit accordingly.

    Is docker-compose included in OMV 5 and will it keep being if so?

    Installed and updated OMV 5 and upon installation of docker, imported the previous docker storage location from OMV 4 and via ssh I was able to use docker-compose without issue. Lovely if it will be kept available upon new OMV installations.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Backups with FileZilla will not be bootable though. If you need no bootable backup and only backup of the directories themselves it should work.

    Logging in with the root account with FileZilla
    (FileZilla's name reminds me of STOPZilla, pup-up blocker, totally unrelated to topic though :D)

    You can use Clonezilla for offline backup in images of the boot drive.

    OMVExtras > Kernel

    Thing is automation might be tricky/impossible on that regard.

    And it will be offline, not while system is running in order to get all the boot data from the drive.

    For the system I would use Clonezilla, its deployed as a boot option following OMVExtras install.

    Home > OMV Extras > Kernel > Clonezilla

    Backs up the system with boot loader and everything to another drive or an image.

    I use this config with the linuxserver/letsencrypt docker container:

    this goes under /config/nginx/proxy-confs inside the container
    using port 8080 (80 is used by PiHole) for OMV, change accordingly

    You have some options for direct machine to machine without USB related solutions. A Gbit connection will help a lot for that size of data. Will take some time though.

    You can use an SMB connection, using the Remote Desktop plugin in one of the machines. Connect as a normal desktop and start the transfer from one to the other using shared folders on each one.

    No GUI:
    Use rsync to sync all directories from one machine to the other over the network. (This one should work great for machine to machine.

    Indeed, I have not installed the new docker-ce package because of this. when using apt upgrade it kept back the upgrade of docker. Upon trying to update via apt install docker-ce it wants to remove openmediavault-docker-gui package. Will not update docker at this time. Will wait for more info.

    Though I use portainer for managing and docker-compose for configuration/managing too.

    For instance, I have all my apps (sonarr, plex, radarr, etc) running on dockers, then an instance of linuxserver/letsencrypt on port 443 from outside serving as reverse proxy for all the apps and even the OMV web GUI.

    You can have an unlimited amount of nginx containers running, each giving access to a single website and reverse all of them from the single linuxserver/letsencrypt container.

    Just tried something.
    And no error this time.

    If you are using the linuxserver/letsencrypt image for your container, this image rewrites any config file it stored on the /config directory upon container start. You just need to delete a file inside that directory (no user-edited files) and it rewrites a new copy with default settings on container start.

    I got into where I have configured the /config directory from the container and deleted


    You have to find where did you configure your /config directory though.

    Then upon container restart, a new copy of the file is written. No "bucket size" error again on the container logs for me!

    Saw the previous file and this values where added in the new file from the container image:

    proxy_headers_hash_bucket_size 128;
    proxy_headers_hash_max_size 1024;

    I've seen this 502 error. Normally signals that the nginx server can't find the URL used for the reverse proxy.

    Could you post your Sonarr and Radarr reverse proxy configs?

    Let us know also if you are running these services using docker or directly installed on the machine.

    Got to your post looking on the web for the same "bucket size" error. Haven't found anything on it but despite the error, all my reverse proxies are working nice.

    Exactly. Swapping a lot. You see the red bars and the log indicate this diagnosis. Critical CPU-iowait which means the CPU is waiting for the writing/reading to finish to do more job.

    I think as per your needs, that idea of the new board should be a better bet. As you can see you have 5+GB in use on RAM and same amount in the SWAP.

    If you are going to stay on this one or upgrade it to 8GB, some memory management will be needed.