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    Oh that's great!

    Just one more thing that comes to my mind now - does borgbackup wake disks, provided there has been no update to source directory since the last check? I have them spin down after 30 mins of inactivity, and it does not make much sense if they are to be waken every hour.


    Oh, I get it now - it wasn't clear to me that just creating a job makes it run hourly.

    I want to maintain a backup of 150+ GB body if images/videos, that are rarely edited/deleted over a span of few days, and from time to time new are added.

    The backup is supposed to enable recovery in case some deletions or edits should be reverted.

    Currently it is set to 0 hourly, 3 daily, 2 weekly, 3 monthly and 0 yearly backups.


    I have set up borgbackup repo and archive, but: how do I set backup schedule now?

    Am I supposed to create jobs in Scheduled jobs with borgackup command line invocations? Or is there any UI for this?

    OMV 4.1.35-1 on Debian 9.5, MiniDLNA 3.3.11

    The problem is that the cache file /var/cache/minidlna/files.db is reset after system restart (plus art_ache directory disappears as well). Also, MiniDLNA is even not doing scan automatically after the system restart.

    Can I stop this from happening somehow? I restart the system daily, so this is an issue :(