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    Thanks for the help i did change the setting there also but still the same can see the shares but it looks empty.

    If i goto the shares via windows i can see everything but from plex i can see the shares bit not the content

    Hi All.

    Once again thanks for all the help on all the other questions but me once gain.

    I am currently testing Plex on my OMV machine but i am at a loss on why it does not work.

    So let me explain i can see all the share in the OMV.
    I have played with multiple ways and i can see the share.


    There is some Training Vids in there multiple formats but it still does not showing up.
    I the tried and install windows 10 install plex and i can see the shares.

    It looks like the permissions are correct but i can be wrong.

    If possible can one of the OMV Gods help me.


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    Thanks for always replying .

    so i have added this to the Command in the schedule Task.

    The one thing you have added is check on the boot drive i am so sorry what do you mean by that.

    Hi All.

    I hope you can help.

    Currently using snapraid sync and onion files system.
    I have created a Scheduled Job but i cannot see if it does anything.

    If i do a manual update i can see it in the System logs but i do not see the Schedule jobs running.
    If i look under System logs Snapraid i do not see that the Schedule running.

    Is there anyway to monitor if the Sync runs on OMV.

    thanks all for the help.

    Hi All.

    Let me begin by saying thanks to all that help with all this simple questions.

    So i want to replace my small Data drive with i bigger drive.
    I know that you can just replace the drive and do a fix and then a sync.

    But i need to know if i take the drive out and i want to access the data on it how do you do that .
    is it possible to see the data on the drive if it was removed.
    I did try and see it on Windows 10 1903 but could not see anything.

    So if possible any idea .

    Also any idea when will Version of OMV 5 be released.
    Tried to test beta version on VMware to see the changes but it keeps failing after install.

    Sorry forgot to add that i am using OMV -- Snapraid -- Orion filesystem.

    Thanks all for the help tried that and after that could not log into the System.

    I did what i should have done and started over.

    As for the snapraid very very good product and are currently testing it.
    I also am testing the Union File system looking good so far.

    Thanks all for the help.

    Thanks for the great support and help.

    Using a Core I7 Desktop.

    i was using Flexraid and really enjoyed the software but the developer have disappeared so looking for something new.
    Was looking at Unraid but it does not support Datarot and this software does so this is what i am using or testing.

    Been very happy sofar .
    Easy to understand and setup.