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    Not in the mode you used the tool. You can rsync but only if you sync over an SMB connection (mount the NAS share and then use rsync on the client -- this is both faster since no encryption is now involved and avoids these hassles).
    If you rsync directly from a client OS to OMV (or any other Linux based NAS) then you run into problems with encodings, metadata representation and permissions. See here or there for details.

    Thank you for your reply! My next question is then, what would be the best way to do it?

    As it stands, the seedbox is hosted in a different country and connection between my house and the seedbox isn't always the best so anything that utilizes persistent connection is probably outta the window.

    What I want to accomplish here essentially is to grab whatever that's downloaded remotely to my local NAS. If not in a "push" fashion, I'm OK with "pull" in any kind.

    Thank you again mate ;)

    Glad you found a solution :) I too set up my rsync job using keys as opposed to passwords, which took a min to set up but works flawlessly.

    A side question if you don't mind, can you modify the content of the destination folder over SMB? Because on mine, as soon as a rsync job is run, the destination folder becomes sorta "read-only" when working with SMB... makes me wonder whether this is the correct behavior.


    Hello all,
    I was bored a couple days ago and decided to build my very first NAS (probably the first mistake right then and there lol)
    Anyway, I ended up installing OMV with a couple of newly purchase EXOS 6TBs (was on sale and considerably cheaper than Ironwolf of similar capacity; authenticity checks out :). The installation went OK and I set up the unionfs along with a few shared folders on SMB and started copying my repo's over through LAN; all fine and dandy.

    Next, I have a seedbox hosted externally. Somethings are downloaded now and then and I'd like to grab whatever that's downloaded on that remote seedbox to my shiny OMV. I checked the web GUI to see what's available in the arsenal that can accomplish that. After browsing through some documentations, I find rsync among other things. So I set up an rsync job and did a test run - ALL OK, it was able to grab that was in the remote "downloaded" folder to my local folder.

    Then I discovered a problem. The local folder that rsync points to as destination folder (let's call it @Seedbox) can no longer be modified when browsing via SMB. I tried to copy a new folder to @Seedbox and couldn't even find the "Paste" option. I then tried to 'touch' a testfile by logging in as root on SSH in @Seedbox folder. That works and testfile appears on SMB - but cannot be modified (rename, delete, etc.).

    So I did some test:
    - Add a new Shared Folder (let's call it @NewFolder)
    - Add @NewFolder to SMB shares
    - @NewFolder appears on SMB on my mac - can be fully modified
    - Create a new rsync job that uses @NewFolder as destination folder - @NewFolder can still be modified over SMB
    - Do a test run of the new rsync job --- this is what breaks @NewFolder over SMB

    So my question is:
    1. Is the destination folder of rsync supposed to be like this?
    2. In a broader sense, is rsync even the right tool to accomplish this job?

    Sorry for my rambling. And thank you for your time (and patience)