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    In my opinion, a plugin that everyone uses a lot like the Torrent plugin should have been in OMV 5,

    I installed it with Docker, but after a month of system update, the transmission becomes inoperable in a way that I don't know why after about a month ...

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    I just installed qbitorrent by following the instructions given at the address below, I hope it won't break

    ...and it can be considered a part of the normal initial installation process to update the installed version to the latest.

    After a successful install, update everything! Then config shares and docker and so on. Then (if not already done) backup/clone the root fs. (Thumb drive or SD card.)

    How to back up the memory card

    There are plenty of boards out there that are just as cheap if not cheaper - just look here

    It is simple to buy them, a credit card and some money
    these products are not available in my country
    I pay 22% excess customs duty if I order from abroad
    There is also shipping fee
    20 days for product to arrive in my country
    15 days to arrive at my house after customs clearance
    I actually had nanopia m4 in mind but
    I chose this product because of extra costs and waiting times
    meanwhile, the minimum wage in my country is 350 dollars

    This image works…rry_Pi_2_3_3Plus_4.img.xz

    Quote from tkaiser

    I do not know why but
    in our previous installation OMV 5.x
    usb speeds were between 110-115 mb
    but the most recently installed OMV 4.x (this)
    USB transfer rates 50-85 MB fluctuating continuously (same hdd )
    and on my last attempt I opened the harddisk cache
    and hdd to 100 gb iso file I've uploaded
    system down
    I think we need to update the usb driver (For fluctuating speed)
    I don't know why it collapsed
    but I think the cache is full it crashed

    Should I put my test files here or in the another Thread?

    • Test1: HELIOS test from windows 10 v1903 to USB 3.0 1tb Harddrive in PI4
    • Test2: SMB copy from windows 10 v1903 to USB 3.0 1tb Harddrive in PI4 About 90-100 MB/sec
    • Test3: FTP Transfer: About 105-110 MB/s
    • Test4: SD-Card BENCH - Iozone 4k, 16k, 512k, 10244k and 163864k to the SD-Card (Sandisk 32 gb A1 class)
    • Test5: TEMP with Noctua 40x20 5v Fan - No heatshink

    SSD usb Transfer speeds coming later!!! :) (1TB 860 evo SSD)

    Do you want me to do some specific tests?

    application does not load I get this error (Transmission)
    same error in all application installation
    please try to install any plugin.

    Test dosyalarımı buraya veya başka bir Konuya mı koymalıyım?

    • Test1: PI4'te Windows 10 v1903'ten USB 3.0 1tb Sabit Sürücüye Helios testi
    • Test2: Windows 10 v1903'ten USB 3.0 1 TB Harddrive'a PI4'te Sanba kopyası

    SSD usb Transfer hızları daha sonra geliyor !!! :) (1 TB 860 evo SSD)

    Bazı özel testler yapmamı ister misin?

    evet im test ve çalışır : D
    ancak ilk kurulumun web arayüzünü açması 10 dakika sürer.
    Şimdi ikinci bir kurulum yaparak birkaç kez test edeceğim
    Birkaç kez silerek ve tekrar yükleyerek test edeceğim

    Kök Parola

    İsim: Kök
    Pass: Openmediavault
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    @edit 2. yeniden yükleme işi
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    This is what I was talking about above. But even if this works still the boot partition is too small so later updates (kernel and 'firmware' updates, not OMV updates) might result in a bricked board.
    I wanted to test this today but weather is fine so leaving now for some fun in the mountains...

    MiniTool Partition Wizard (Free version) can we expand by booting using this program?


    • Wizard-1.jpg

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    Bad advice. Something broke when you tried to install OMV5 the first time (using Raspbian Lite). And the 2nd time you installed it (this time using the normal Raspbian release) things went smoothly. I've absolutely no idea what you did different but it's not related to choosing the fat Raspbian release.

    the same thing happened to me
    the problem was fixed after installing this version later .(Raspbian Buster with desktop)
    that's why I thought the problem was
    but I just did a new installation again, I encountered different problems .(Raspbian Buster with desktop)
    I agree with what you say, there's something wrong, but I don't know what it is, a different problem arises in each installation.

    don't use it Raspian Buster lite

    İnstall (Raspbian Buster with desktop)

    and follow instructions

    I've overcome the problem with this method