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    Wow, the topic turned out to be very popular - many thanks to All !

    I'll try to clarify it a bit.

    I've done my Armbian Buster 4.14.173 installation on Odroid HC1 with 500GB SSD and moved rootfs to SSD like this:

    Then I installed OMV5 with with -f option (no flashmemory)

    Eventually in OMV I have trouble with selecting a device to Add shared folder. May be I made a mistake elsewhere.

    Is above installation order right or there is another best practice to do the job?

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    OMV is headless...

    By using the modified bios the drives are independent, this allows the use Mdadm, or MergerFS + SnapRaid or simply individual drives

    To my regret I have no Linux experience except Kodi on Raspberry Pi. Talking "headless" do you mean that OMV on N54L should ran as pure back-end and I need use SSH to control?

    Do you use OMV on N54L? If so can you tell me what SATA controller mode should I set up in BIOS - IDE, RAID or AHCI to install OMV with mdadm or so?

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    Using hardware RAID marries the connected disks permanently to that RAID controller (or family of controllers). If the disk set is moved out of the host, a reformat is required. Software RAID can transfer to a new host.

    Tnx. And did anybody compare OVM performance with and without N54l hardware RAID? Or OMVers don't care about N54L Turion Dual-Core only CPU workload?

    8. Storage/Raid Management -> Create a RAID, make a note of the Device name (ex: /dev/md127) (My RAID showed up from the previous install)

    Great job!
    I wonder why do you not use N54L hardware RAID? I'm using it with Windows 10 on my Subj and wanna move to OMV. Is it possible to use HW RAID to lower CPU usage?