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    Hello, im in need of backing up my data from my raspberry pi 4 running OMV 5. I would like to setup incremental backups from my RSP to my mac but i can't find out how to do that?? I have rsync installed via homebrew on the mac but how do i set up an automatic backup from the RSP to the Mac via the web gui ??? Im not trying to do anything with time machine, just want to backup my connected hard drive on the Raspberry Pi to the Mac's Hard Drive.

    Is there a way to do this via the OMV Web Gui to make it automatic?



    That's true but also gets frustrating after constantly doing this for a while and i'm in secondary school doing GCSE so time isn't really on my side at the moment. But i do understand that if i look for errors while they are there it will actually save time in the long run cuz i will be able to fix it but i just need something that works for a bit

    and what do you expect from us then?

    People who have / had the same problems as i did or can relate and ACTUALLY help me fix this problem... (Didn't mean that in a rude way )

    its ok now because i think it was because of the version of OMV or the Image of Buster i was using.

    Im re-flashing OMV 5 now and will try it in 10 mins

    Im now getting Messages like Bad Gateway and whenever i try to log in on the landing page of OMV Web Gui. It won't load and just says 502 error bad gateway.

    I have to refresh multiple times for it to load with the login form


    i am using the ip address

    ssh is enabled with root access. I know the hostname has been registered because i can see it under my network on a different computer. I've used OMV on my RPI 3 and NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES.

    For some reason i am having all of these problems for the first time on the RPI 4. Probably because a stable version hasn't been released for the RPI 4 yet. IDK.[/b]

    I've manged to finally change the hostname, web password, mounted my external disk, create a user all in 45 mins. (Should've taken 2 mins)

    but that was because i had to frequently refresh the page, click ok when a message box appeared saying error occurred.

    Do you get ANY ERRORS when using the web gui on ur OMV 5 . Cuz even when i had installed OMV 5 on a fresh install of Debian Buster i still run into errors.

    I am so CLUELESS about what to do. I really want to use OMV because i like it. I can do what i want from the command line but its just harder to debug or to restart and why do all of that when there is software out there to do it. I've really enjoyed using OMV but ever since i upgraded to the PI 4 my experience has just been like *poo* .

    In the image,

    Whenever i even just click anything on the side bar i get messages like these. Never got them before on my PI 3




    I've installed omv 5 on a fresh copy of Debian Buster and accessed the web gui of OMV. Everything was working fine until i was about to change my host name and web password. when i went to press save and then apply configuration after changing some settings my screen would just be stuck on loading for 2 minutes. Then it would say 192.168.x.x. took too long to respond. Then when i go to ssh to it it says the device refused to connect when i have allowed root login on the web gui for ssh and when i go on the web gui again and refresh it just says it took too long to respond.

    I then took out that micro sd card and put in my OTHER fresh copy of OMV FOR RPI 4 and it was working fin as well. But now it does the same thing. When i go to make a change it is just stuck on loading. Then says internal server error when i refresh the page. And when i go to make the same change again it just says bad error or just error or and error has occured


    If all is just failing to work could you recommended any other software that is similar to OMV that i could run on the RPI


    Thanks for the help.

    Im going to use the current OMV 4 that i re-flashed for a while until i run into problems again. But i will make a backup using the Debian Buster Image on a separate micro SD card.

    Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.

    So would it be worth trying to install OMV 5 and seeing if it runs ok with PLEX, VPN and FILE SERVER?

    About the Guide for OMV 5 i take it i just copy line by line in to the Terminal? Do i do both the Source Code and the Shell Script or just the Shell Script.

    Thanks for the Help


    I know if i re-flash i will lose the log files but, i've looked through the log files and couldn't find anything that was odd. I've just re-flashed and i'm about to re-setup OMV now.

    @ryecoaaron Have you experienced any problems when running OMV 5? If i was to install OMV 5 using the guide you posted. Do i just copy and paste the shell script. How would i do it.


    I've already tried that and i saw nothing unusual happening. At the minute i am re-flashing the image to the micro sd card to put back into the Pi 4 AGAIN and i will update on what happens. Thanks anyways

    Hi, I've been using the 'beta' version of OMV 4 on the Raspberry Pi 4. Whether it is 'beta' or not i saw it was published on source forge. I decided to download it to use on my Pi 4 and i've done this MULTIPLE TIMES. However, every single time if i leave the perfectly working server alone for roughly 2 WEEKS it breaks just after. All i run on it is a Plex, VPN and File Server. It used to work fine on my raspberry pi 3 but then the new raspberry came out and i wanted that one. But for some reason, every time i keep going to the web interface it just doesn't load and when i head to the plex web interface it doesn't load either. The file serve works for about 2 SECONDS then the connection drops. The only thing that works is the VPN server but even then it still stops working at starts again. When i look over at the Pi both lights just keep flashing (RED AND GREEN) don't know what that's for. But i have to constantly re-flash my device because it fails on me most of the time. I WANT THIS TO WORK WITH OMV but nothing is working.

    Just looking for some advice because it is getting a bit frustrating at the minute, having to constantly take out the micro sd card and flash a new copy of the Pi 4 OMV image and re configure all my services and settings etc.


    PS. Could you also recommend any other similar software like OMV that i could use incase this next fresh install i am doing doesn't work.



    If you look on sourceforge for raspberry pi 4 image of OMV you will find one labelled OMV_4_Raspberry_Pi_2_3_3Plus_4.img.xz. It is still in BETA with minor issues but it should see you through until the official OMV 5 for Debian Buster is released. Although you may come across a couple of errors. I've been using it since 14th july but only from the past 4 days i've been having issues where i couldnt ssh to the device or when i make a change, the apply configuration banner wouldn't show. But that may just have been my RPI 4 because apparently a couple of RPI 4's were released with faulty RJ45 ports and mine was one of them. My replacement is coming today so i'm just gunna try again.

    If you need any more help just post back

    I too have tried the Image and i've been using it since the 14th July and had no issues until today. The issue was, whenever i make a new change, it wont show 'apply changes' at the top in a yellow banner, so i re-installed the image on the Pi 4 and same issue. I kept re-installing multiple times but got nothing. Before any of these issues rose i had the server setup using open vpn, samba and plex. Everything was working fine before not quite sure whats going on now.... I appreciate your work @tkaiser and its great how your managing to get omv to work on the Pi 4. (Every where i've looked, no one has mentioned or even talked about the Pi 4 running omv!)