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    Is there any solution to the problem that when openmediavaults reboot, nextcloud and mariadb will not work untill you restart the services. I think it has something to do with starting up before openmediavault is ready or something like that. But nextcloud doesn't work after a reboot, only after a restart of both services after i can log in on openmediavault.

    Does anyone experience the same issues?

    Is there a solution to set the docker to start up like 1 minute after openmediavault has started and to arrange the sequence in which the docker containers are started up?



    Both HDD's are brand new coming out of the box and have been used for about 48 hours. I bought them to make this NAS system.

    It's running on raspberry pi 3. The sd card is my bootdrive. So both HDD have nothing to do with the Linux or OMv installation. They are both used for storage only. Both set as ext4. The format is done by omv.

    Hi adoby,

    I am fairly new to Linux, so I have to research everything.

    I told myself, let stop trying to do this rsync running from omv and try it directly in the command line.

    So I ran indeed a few test files. Worked perfectly. Than I gave the rsync -av /shared folders/NextCloudData/ /shared folders/WeeklyBackup/

    I execute and the files start copying until it copied a file named "laser rar.rar" (this is a rar file I created. So nothing wrong with it) but it hangs on that file and than the whole disk and all folders become read only and there is no command I can give to overwrite this. Not even umount command works. It just says read only .

    Can a rar file cause this issue?

    My problem is to get the drive back I have to format it completely. Which is 2tb and takes about 30 min to accomplish. It is driving me nuts.

    Believe me I am telling you all I can here! :)

    I dont want to backup the nextcloud installation. i just want to backup the files it has synced on my drive in OMV.

    I just dont understand why rsync is changing the read write permissions. and what are the settings for setting a rsync job without it altering the read write permissions on a disk and thus locking itself out of the disk

    Well, this is more complicated than it seems.

    So i have unmounted the entire drive, formatted it and remounted it with clear read write permissions. used this command to check

    cat /proc/mounts

    Than i made a sharedfolder on this disk and checked again for permissions. it was still read/write

    Than i made a rsync job in the GUI, just a standard job. And than i clicked RUN the job.

    The result is that all folders are created and some files on this backupdisk but the whole disk is reverted to read only and know i can not write to it, nor is the rsync job doing anything, except giving the error of read only filesystem.

    How is this possible?

    Hello, I have the strangest problem. I have a NAS with 2 harddrives. One is used for nextcloud, the other one is a backup disk. I have placed a rsync job, to copy local, the entire content of the folder nextclouddata to a folder on the second hdd named weekly-backup. No matter what i do, when the time comes to execute this job than i see hdd's spinning up and than they stop and the rsync doesn't do any job except for making some folder names and not even that is done completely. The second harddrive is basically empty as this would be my first backup, so it is indeed about 100 Gb of data that needs to be backuped. Anyone who has an idea why this is not working at all. It seems like the most basic job of openmediavault, to take backups from data at certain times. thx

    I just thought of a possible reason it blocks.

    During my installation of nextcloud i issued following commands on the entire drive:
    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Cloud/
    sudo chmod -R 0750 /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Cloud/

    This is to the entire disk, later i changed this to a specific map on the disk. But now i am wondering if these commands could cause the permission refusal throught the samba server on windows 10

    Could this be it?

    And secondly, what would be the reverse commands for it?



    Hello Everyone,

    Since 3 days i dove into openmediavault, i have watched and followed several installation guides. For the moment i have nextcloud and OMV up and running. I just ran into a strange problem to which i havent found any solution.

    I Seem to be unable to access my shared folders through windows 10. So i can see the folders, but i seem not to have permission to access them. Although everything seems to be just fine in the settings in OMV. Privileges are set and ACL is set. I attach screenshots to show my issues.

    My webadmin port is set to 90 because of nextcloud apache server running on 80.
    NO SSL is activated and no certificates are active or used for the moment.Date and time is set correctly
    Here are the screenshots of the different pages. Hopefully someone can see where it goes wrong.

    ACL screenshot.jpgfile system screenshot.jpgusers screenshot.jpgfolders are viewable.jpgprivileges screenshot.jpgsmb shares screenshot.jpgsmb-cifs settings.jpg
    I have spent 3 hours trying, now i give up and going to ask the question. What am i doing wrong??? ;)

    thanks in advance.