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    Actually the container ports are not recognized. I looked at the output of the command ss -n, which is used by the autoshutdown command for port activity detection. The ports for my containers don't appear there. I will have a look at the docker documentation to see if I can find some advice there.

    I use the autoshutdown plugin, to shut down my nas if it is not used. Also I have multiple dockers running on the nas with different ports for each.
    Now the autoshutdown plugin detects if i connect to the omv gui via port 80 just fine. But the access to, for example my logitech media server docker with port 9090, is unnoticed by the plugin, as well as all other docker ports I use. Is there anything I can do, that the autoshutdown plugin detects if somebody is connected to a docker container?
    I made sure, that I have all used ports listed in the sockets field of the plugin.

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    Dear macom,

    thank you for your fast answer. This helped me a lot.
    Regarding the anacron plugin, it seems I only had problems finding the plugin. I expected it to generate a new entry in the left menu, but now I found it as a new tab in the planned tasks menu.

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    Hi everyone

    I would like to backup my nextcloud (run with the nextcloud/letsencrypt container) data with the rsnapshot plugin. Now my problem is, that the rsnapshot plugin can apparently only backup shared folders. Is it possible to just define the data folder of my nextcloud as shared folder without causing an issue with the nextcloud container?
    If this is working, how can I set up the rsnapshot plugin to work with anacron. I need anacron, because my nas is not running all the time. It is only switched on by wol and has the autoshutdown plugin running.

    And one more general question: is there a place where plugin documentation can be found? I have installed the anacron plugin, but i can't see what it does or if it is even doing anything. Also for the other plugins I use, I more or less guess what they should do and hope I am right.

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    Custom ports for http and https had exactly the desired effect :) now my NAS only wakes up if I want it to. I just had to adjust one line in the nginx config:
    If I set the value
    "proxy_set_header Host $host:$server_port;"
    in the file proxy.conf file of nginx to
    "proxy_set_header Host $host:145;"
    the nextcloud acts as expected. I guess this method is a little bit messy, but so far it works.

    Today i have looked into the problem a little further. I found out, that the nextcloud is working with the changed port. But my firefox does not keep the custom port number. So when the nextcloud wants to redirect me from "" to "" the port number is lost and it redirects to "" instead. If I manually add the port number afterwards everything works as expected and i can log in.

    Following your suggestion, I changed the port number in the config.php. Then I get a message, that I access the cloud on an untrusted domain, because the container still thinks it is on the usual port 443.

    Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

    Edit: I found a working solution.
    If I set the value
    "proxy_set_header Host $host:$server_port;"
    in the file proxy.conf file of nginx to
    proxy_set_header Host $host:145;"
    the port number no longer gets lost. It is a little messy I guess, but for now I am fine with this.

    I have a question regarding the ports of the nextcloud.
    Is it possible to run the cloud using ports other than 443 and 80? I would like to not use these, cause when i use them my nas gets constantly woken by wol. I assume because of webcrawlers or search engines or whatever. Now i changed the ports exposed by my router to the internet trough a dyndns adress. The effect is, that i can still reach the login page of my nextcloud, but not on the 'usual' address of "" but via "". From there unfortunately i can not log me in. Seems like jumps to other sites are broken.
    Is it possible to modify your docker compose to use other ports? Or will the cloud just not work on other ports?

    Maybe it is possible to obfuscate my ports (e.g. use port number 123 for http) to reduce the incoming requests? I just tried to change just the ports on my router but now i cant reach my nextcloud. Do i have to change something in the nginx config to test this?

    I am using a fritzbox 7490. There is the option to wake the computer automatically if accessed via internet. Unfortunately no other options are available for this function as far as I know.
    Access from the internet to the nas is only possible on port 80 and 443 via port forwarding.

    Hello everyone,

    I have configured my OMV to shutdown via the autoshutdown plugin after 30 minutes of no activity. Also my router will wake up the nas when accessed via internet.
    The internet access is needed for my nextcloud and uses a dyndns service.
    My problem now is, that every time the nas shuts down, shortly after it gets waked up again. I assume this is because of search engine crawlers or something alike. Is there a ip list of webcrawlers that i can block with the router firewall? Or can I prevent my nas from getting waked up unintentionally any other way?

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    Just to complete this, my now running setup it the following:

    Fractal Design Node 304
    Asrock J4105-ITX
    8GB Ram DDR4
    120 gb ssd for omv (Sandisk something...)
    2 tb ssd for files (Samsung 860 qvo)
    4 tb hdd for backups (WD red)
    70W pico psu with a notebook psu

    Up to now everything works flawless :)

    Thank you for your reply, Adoby.

    I chose the J5005 because I saw a few recommendations in german forums. So far I have not seen any complains about linux not working correctly with it.

    The reason for me choosing a SSD as the shared data storage is mainly for power saving reasons, not speed. I do not expect to use the NAS that often and don't want to wait for drives spinning up, when I want to use it. But probably I will stick with two HDDs.

    Choosing the MX500 instead of BX500 sounds like a good idea though.

    What about the amount of RAM? Will it suite my needs?

    Has anybody experience with these picoPSUs? Are they appropriate for a NAS?

    Hello everyone!

    I want to build a new NAS and therefore need your help. I've done a little research and came up with the following configuration:

    Asrock J5005-ITX
    4 or 8GB Ram ?
    ~120 gb ssd for omv (Crucial BX500?)
    1-2 tb ssd for files (Samsung 860 qvo)
    4-6 tb hdd for backups (WD red)
    pico psu with a notebook psu

    The big ssd would be for the fileserver with daily needed files, while the hdd should backup the ssd as well as 3 PCs on a weekly schedule.
    Also the system should be able to run a few docker containers. I thought about Nextcloud, logitech media server (for my lovely squeezebox), pihole, vpn server and maybe a teamspeak and or matrix server.

    Do you think the J5005 can handle this? As an alternative I found the EPYC3101D4I-2T from ASRockRack which can handle ECC Ram. But I think it is maybe too powerful? Also at the moment it is not available in germany and I expect it to be a lot more expensive than the J5005.

    I have not yet decided witch case I want to use. The node 304 from fractal design looks promising. For me it is important, that the case is rather small and really silent. Do you have any suggestions?

    Do you think this is a reasonable build or should I change something?

    Thank you in advance for your help!