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    Sorry I meant to say mdadm.

    Not trying to upset any wagons, if it is misinformation - great - really do wanna find and use a Linux Debian based solution.

    If OVM is going to be multi back end (BTRfs, mdadm, lvm, zfs etc... ) possible solution, why does it need to try and do Any raid configuration for any set up until after the initial OS install? Couldn't that be done after the OS is up and running? For my install I seem to recall I had to drop the use of the OMV install CD and use the Debian first approach which I think is what finally got me going.

    Once it does get going - so far it is a great fit for my needs and does everything I need it to do much easier than I recall FreeNAS being. I did struggle to get OMV running just as this user did though.

    Either way, the developers of OVM are doing a great job and the forum is very helpful - my only reservation was the possible misinformation.

    Have a great Thanksgiving guys, and good luck hope it works out.

    Sorry to hear your experiencing the issues, have to agree that FreeNAS (for me) also installed much smoother. I'm still liking the move, but I keep hearing (reading) rumors of OMV moving more toward BTRfs or some other set up (madam). Am kinda considering moving back FreeNAS as it is definitely ZFS based, iXsystems backed, pretty darn solid especially if ya don't upgrade much ;) - and trying better understand BSD. If each time I upgrade the server I just port the pool on to a new install, doubt I'll ever have much issues.

    For me, I think it was cleaner, easier and just worked out better to install Debian and then add OpenMediaVault. Things were getting squirrely when I used the OMV ISO and got worse when I tried to use the ISO from a thumb drive. If I recall correctly the issue was with drive labels switching around for some reason from /dev/sdi to dev/sdj - anyway I ended up just install Debian on the server, and got everything running how I wanted it (it was nice as well cause I could control the size of the boot partitions better than how it was getting calculated (I have large RAM, and was ending up with a very small boot partition).

    Just adding _ I experienced the same thing just now installing 4.1.23-1 ( I am using a server that has limited SATA ports (everything is in a cage) and I wanted to use SSD drives for the OS outside of the cage). So I had to take the DVD drive stat port and use it for my SSD drive. Which in turn also forced me to use a USB thumbdrive to install the OS (from the OMV ISO) - OS installed fine, upon pulling the USB drive and rebooting - the server failed to boot giving the mdadm: no arrays found in config file - over and over again then dropping to initramfs prompt - there was also an error about /dev/sdj1 not exisiting.
    While in initramfs I ran blkid which listed my boot drive as /dev/sdi1 so I rebooted, entered grub and edited the grub file and changed /dev/sji1 to /dev/sdi1 and it booted fine.

    I use ZFS, so my next step after the clean boot was to change the kernel to a proxmox kernel any way, which I hoped should rewrite the Grub entries and possibly correct anything else. Added the proxmox kernel and rebooted again, worked fine - used the web interface to remove any other kernels and its running fine.

    Kinda weird - didnt seem to happen when I ran the Debain 9 installer and then manually added OMV - only happened when I used the OMV ISO.

    Think I've just concluded that a re-install of OMV OS may be faster for my situation, I originally was looking for just what the plugin did (backup the OS in case of USB failure) - but for my simple set up, I think I really just need to back up my scripts from the root folder, the rest will be easy enough to redo after a clean install and that way I can upgrade as I go! The plugin worked great just as expected, I think i was just reaching outside its intention. Really happy with how this change from FreeNAS to OMV is going - thanks for all the great work!

    fsarchiver wouldn't restore just the files when run from the backup plugin, I am thinking its because it running a back up for a partition, so it can only restore a partition.
    So I inserted a second larger USB thumbdrive - left it unmounted but used the OMV Disks tab to see what device it was.
    Opened ShellInABox Web Client (expect ssh would have done just as well)
    used: fsarchiver restfs backup-omv.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sdk1 to restore the contents of the backup to that usb partition - it overwrote the vfat partition and dropped the ext4 on there without issue.
    went back to the web interface and the change (vfat to ext4) was reflected in the disk tab
    mounted the partition with the web interface - the mount placed the drive in /svr/
    copied my files back over to my root folder

    Worked fine, will start just using rsync to keep things simpler.

    Yes, I did see that - and the steps indicate restoring the archive to a new disk/partition - unsure of what fsarchiver is doing in the fsa file, was wondering if I can just restore it anywhere ( say /root/temprestore ) without munging things up for the install - them grab my files and delete the /root/temprestore folder.

    I had a OVM 4 install running fine with a thumb drive as the OS drive. I was using the backup plugin to run fsarchiver which gave me a bunch of files *.blkid, *.fdisk, *.fsa, *.grub, *.grubparts, *.packages - the thumb drive crashed and I was trying to figure out what went wrong, eventually I just ended up reinstalling OVM 4 and was able to easily get my raid up and running without much issue just doing a whole new install - so I do not want to restore the entire backup I have, however there were some backup scripts I was working in my /root home folder that i would like to pull out of these backups that were created with the plugin.

    Am I going to have to restore the backup to a disk some where, or is there a way for me to grab those files without having to do that?

    For my future installs, think I will just rsync the root folder and take a KISS approach for the OS backup - as the ZFS raid came through the ordeal without a scratch - using the system backup seems overkill for my simple needs.

    Looked at the backup utility again and noticed the exclude (RTM I suppose, having difficulty finding manuals for the extras) - is there any place the these extras are documented more? Everything is working as expected ZFS is seeming fine, gonna start messing with Snapshots and experimenting with failed drives and failed OS disks before moving completely over but am unsure of:

    1) How to Restore the backup taken by the Backup utility - don't see a restore?
    2) Drive replacement - will there be steps used by the ZFS extra or just using zfs shell?
    3) Same for managing snapshots etc with ZFS-the web interface seems like just enough to get the raid up, is the rest expected to be done via shell?

    Seems the OMV itself is pretty well documented to get up and running, but the extras is kind of an added interface to the command line (or adding simple web interface to the shell utilities/programs) and these are not really documented very much. Unless I am missing something somewhere.

    So far seems like just what I was looking for, honestly FreeNAS is just too much for a simple NAS - to easy to break with all the addons, jails, VM's etc... and then ya gotta learn FreeBSD to boot. For this (OMV) so far, certainly need to learn more about Debian which I already use everywhere (forever NooB though) and focus on OS Drive replacement (for failed USB or SSD boot drive) and failed raid drive replacement. Great product so far though.

    Might be a silly question, but I am moving from FreeNAS (just tend to get lost in FreeBSD) - but have loved it other than that - when I created the ZFS raid - it created its mount point in /ZFSRaidName - so now when I run the backup to grab my OMV settings to my 126G Sata drive - it fills with the contents of the OS and the raidZ.

    Now that I am in this boat, is there a way I have should have done it differently? and more importantly is there a way I can recover without rebuilding the beasty?

    Thanks in advance to all who reply!