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    La sezione ACL, se non sai bene cosa fai, è meglio non toccarla; per gli utenti usa la sezione privilegi o si rischiano danni.

    La mia installazione è su un "normale" PC e conosco poco dei Raspberry; che guide hai seguito per l'installazione? L'errore sembra indicare che qualcosa a livello di sistema non funziona come dovrebbe.

    You still haven't answered the main question: what is the reason to have a RAID1 ?

    If you want to have a full disk copy of your DATA on "disk1" to "disk2", just mount "disk2" on OMV and run a scheduled job (every x time depending on the amount of writing/increase of volume DATA) as simple as rsync -a /path-to-disk1/ /path-to-disk2/

    This is a nonsense for me.

    If you have a rsync's copy of a whole disk and the main disk fail, all services like, for example, docker's containers, will go down cause the path will not be reachable anymore.

    With a RAID1 config the "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid/" is the same for the 2 disks, 'cause they will merge in a "unique device" so, if one of them fail, the system stays up.

    Yes, if something goes wrong the error will replicate throught the 2 disks, but backups are here for a reason.

    You only need to copy all files of the container you want to move, then update the compose according to the new path and re-deploy it.

    For example, if the old path of "./data/" was "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4e8222c0-3b1e-48cc-9dce-4fa7182095b1/data/" you have to change this with the new "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid......../" of the new server.

    The UID in use does have R/W permissions?

    This is an example of a stack:

    I also got a message on my phone. The remote address is User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0 Win64;x64) AppleWebkit/537.36(KHTML, like Gecko)Chrome/ Safari/537.36.

    I can no longer login to OMV and can not ssh into my pi.

    But in this case, the "remote address" is a local address of your LAN.

    There's no public IP like 192.168.1.X.

    My compose:

    Bridge network instead of host to avoid ports conflict.

    you use tautuli with jellyfin? How have you managed to make them work together?

    Nah, Tautilli works with Plex; i use bot Jellyfin and Plex, because the first one is more "flexible" when i'm not at home.

    I prefer Plex, but with a dynamic public IP i can't reach the server even with a reverse proxy (with the app, but work fine with the web ui).

    What kind of image is "" ?

    What is "/Server" path?

    I use this compose that works without any issue: