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    Resolved issue

    Step by step :

    1: Just check if the Docker service is active ==> systemctl status docker [screenshot ]

    2: Stop Docker service ==> service docker stop// I have no other container as active state in portainer... if you have it i think you should stop before do that.

    3: Made change in OMV Sharedfolders ( add/remove / edit /etc.. )

    // Now they have no error message like: Failed unmounting Mount shared folder docker to /sharedfolders/docker. or DeprecationWarning: Using or importing the ABCs from 'collections' instead of from
    '' is deprecated, and in 3.8 it will stop working bla bla bla .....

    4: ReStart Docker service ==> service docker start

    5 : Check if Docker service is active [ systemctl status docker ] and go to portainer to start your container.

    have a good day :thumbup:

    Thank you very much I made the change and I restart OMV5 but I still have an error msg. I am looking for where the error can come from. I really think it's the installation of DOCKER that causes this

    A big thank you for your help is appreciated :D

    Hi, i have the same error.

    Did you use thie video ? ==>

    I have a clean install of OMV 5.0.10 I SETUP SHAREDFOLDERS/Docker for docker storage and after that is not possible to to make change for OMV sharedfolders... after klicking apply always get this error message.

    Im not sure if the problem come for the change of the docker storage location ????

    Anyone have solution for this problem.

    // sorry for my english //