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    This is another matter. If you're setting permissions to allow specific users, access to specific shares, some extra work will need to be done.
    Read over this post and see if it helps.

    I' ve reinstalled all OMV OS and following the instructions of your post and he result is:

    On a public share folder I' ve complete access and write/read/erase files inside

    On a private share folder I get the little windows asking me User and Passw but I cannot go inside. I' ve tried with my PC bios name (CORE-86E45CBFFC) and my PC password. User and pw of others user of the OMV user group and crossing user/pw in infinite combinations.

    Nothing to do

    Update: I' ve tried NOW by my smartphone using the name/pw of my PC and it work.

    Do you get access to other PCs with a newer Windows version?

    Did you get any error message? Maybe it´s not an SMB but a authorization problem. In your first post you wrote that you have access when the share is set to public. Therefore I assume that it is a permission problem.

    1): Yes, All regular from Win7 and Android smartphone.

    2): The error message is a classic XP error window with the red cross and the text:

    "Unable to access \\MyNAS\NewFolder. The user may not have the necessary authorization to use the network resource. For access permissions, contact the server administrator. Access denied."

    3): Yes. If the share folder have a public access i quickly can access at all content, (but i cannot set so public all my folders ... )


    Check the current supported smb protocol version with the CLI command testparm. In the [global]-section there should be an entry server min protocol = . For Windows XP the necessary entry is server min protocol = NT1.
    To change the smb protocol version goto "Services -> SMB/CIFS -> Settings -> Advances Settings. In the "Extra Options"-field add the line min protocol = NT1 (without 'server'!)

    After the change check again with testparm if it was successfull.

    I think I need your recommended tutorial to correctly configure all the starting values in OMV. I checked that I had successfully modified the [global] and restarted everything but it still doesn't work. I beg you. Write me a link here for a tutorial that is valid for installing OMV so that I can make changes to a default configuration.

    Hello everyone. I have successfully installed OMV 4.1.22 on a HP550 Laptop in just a few minutes and am happy with the ease of use of this software NAS.
    Unfortunately, however, in my LAN there are some PCs with Windows XP because some essential applications run only on XP and from these PCs I cannot access the folders of the NAS unless they are set as public. In all the other folders it is possible to enter with Username and Password from other devices but from the PC XP even if you type in the correct Username and Password you cannot access the folders, even though you see them in the network resources.

    Should access be enabled via the Samba v1 protocol? How can I do it?

    Can someone help me ?

    Thanks in advance.