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    Thanks for the input with this, I haven't solved the problem but come up with a workaround, which it to tell Emby not to produce .nfo files and instead get Ember Media Manager (Windows) on the job to create them.

    Ember renames the empty .nfo files to .info but easy to delete these.

    Edit - just discovered tinyMediaManager - much faster at recreating the .nfo files.

    Movies haven't been affected by this, just TV episodes. If I get Emby to manually search for mising metadata it puts .info (not .nfo) files in the right place. On thing that occurred to me is that when I switched to SanpRAID I changed some of the library paths which maybe invalidated the old .nfo files?

    Thanks for the input - I've searched the Emby folder on the Ubuntu system but the only .nfo files I find relate to music, there are none relating to TV episodes. I've checked a bit more and no problems are apparent, watched status and episode info is still there so the info must be in the Emby database, where it probably was all the time, the only change is I now have empty .nfo files. Interested to know how this has come about and only with .nfo files.


    Nice case, happy with it, it is the one in your link.

    Noise is low It doesn't bother me but usual quiet background fan noise.

    Drive are 4x4TB WD red run 29-40 C. M.2 NVME Samsung for the OS is 50 C.

    My one has 315 W PSU.



    I have OMV running on an Intel system with M.2 NVME drive, 4x4TB data drives with UnionFS and SnapRAID. I have Emby running on a seperate Ubuntu system feeding several Kodi devices from media on OMV.

    Since changing from RAID 5 to the above setup a week ago a lot of the .nfo files now have zero file size - everything works as before as far I can make out.

    On running the SnapRAID helper script…/1677233/thread/385e8cf5/

    I get a few messages about this. Is this anything to worry about?


    I've an ASUS Prime board and fitted a PCIE two port SATA card. The system boots OK but the card changes the network address from ENP3S0 to (I think) ENP4S0 - so no web interface or network available. From what I've read will running omv-firstaid fix this? Or else editing /etc/network/interfaces?


    Thanks for the input - the problem arose when I was leaving for work and I didn't have time to investigate. Panic situation in the middle of changing over from RAID 5 to SnapRaid :)

    Having since investigated and with your reassurance I am confident it was user error.


    Due to a misconfigured backup I ended up with a folder in the root directory that filled the disk - called Admin. Deleted it, all OK.

    Same happened - this time I accidentally deleted an Admin folder under /root by mistake - it freed up 17 GB so probably not a system folder?

    System is still working - Is there a legit folder under Admin that I have deleted or am I OK?

    System working but I'm afraid to reboot.


    I'm just using the case fan you see in the pic and the stock CPU cooler. A couple of things I learned is with the mobo I have you need an NVME M.2 or else you lose one of the SATA ports - luckily found this out in time. The case has LEDs on the front for LAN 1 + 2, HD fail etc but with a non-server mobo there is nowhere to connect then up to. And I had to get a tiny speaker to hear the restart beeps etc. Pretty pleased with it so far.

    Inwin case
    ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board + 315 W PSU
    8GB Kingston DDR4
    Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400
    Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive
    4x4TB WD Red NAS drives RAID 5

    Room in the case for 2 more 2.5 HDs or 1 + 1 x 5.25 slim optical drive with add on PCI SATA card which I have on order.

    Working well and liking OMV and just about every problem I have had has been solved by looking in the forum - thanks to those behind the OS.


    Hi all,

    New to OMV - I have one HD installed so far but after a reboot or two it wouldn't mount, having worked fine before. Searched the forums, couldn't fix, so reformatted, renamed and now back in business.

    But - the old drive name is still referenced in file systems and marked as n/a and missing. I'd like to remove this entry - how can I?

    Thanks, John