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    Im totally new to this and came across your software while researching NAS solutions as im fed up of losing data from single USB attached HDD solutions.

    I purchased the hp second hand - having decided that SHR raid was the way forward - via xpenology. unfortunately - i cannot get the darned thing to obtain an ip address via dhcp no matter what i do. [ive returned it to its original windows home server software - which, frankly sucks!

    moving forward, I would love to trial OMV with a view to running raid 5 - or, if available, something similar to SHR that isnt so wasteful if different sized disks are used.and the main piece of software - emby.

    My first question is, how do i choose the correct image for the hp hardware? [bearing in mind that the hp is headless]
    secondly - what are the raid options?
    thirdly - will it run emby?

    Hope im not treading on anyone's toes -
    many thanks in advance for your help