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    I have a HP 5730 with a new pci-e sidecar that's on a closet shelf. I bought it a while back to experiment with. It works great. PM or email me if interested.

    It has Athlon/Sempron 2.0+ Ghz cpu and 1 GB ram, IDE 1GB DOM module. Best IO I got was around 80-100MB/s over its GB nic. Not bad.

    MY NAS is a E5300 cpu on a Intel DG45FG ITX board. Raid 0 pair + OS drive.

    Hi all. I too have spent a day on trying to get a simple lacp 2 nic 802.3ad bond setup on OMV .5.

    I googled my butt off and there's not much out there. I read all these thread posts and I too have had the bond_masters missing, the double lines in interfaces, etc. i have it up and working but the speed doesn't seem better than 1 gb and I have NO GW access for updates. Only local lan use. GW pings fail.

    I gave this forum one last try and found this thread so I thought I would let the OP, others with this issue and OMV know it's a deal breaker for folks with real and mdadm raid arrays. I need a nas distro that does lacp for throughput for my proxmox vm's.

    I really do enjoy this software. The design is clean and the debian base is easier to work with than freebsd or solaris.

    I hope this gets sorted out soon so I can use it.

    Cheers, Duder