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    RE> SMART info from PERC 6/i RAID drives

    Sorry, OMV does not support this. There is little ground work in the backend implementation to support this, but it's not finally done (and won't without external contribution).

    How much money or other external contribution do you need?

    A banner ad with a funding drive or a GoFundMe may take care of it.
    Advertising a patreon account for monthly repeating donations is even better as it can work wonders. A few hundred people giving $2 a month adds up over time.

    Hi, I have a RAID 5 with 4 disks that has run smoothly for 5 years. A few days ago one of the disks failed. I removed the damaged disk and put a new one started to recreate the RAID (mdadm --add /dev/md127 /dev/sdb) but it failed at about 20%.

    For two drive failures it is best to clone the failed drives to new drives, then install back into the RAID and recover.

    Generally the bad block list gets full, or some other failure which sets the drive to read only mode.
    The data is there, it's just that the drive will not take more data, so block clone to a good drive.

    If a few sectors are bad its unlikely that both drives have the same failed sectors, so a complete recovery is possible.

    Chances are that the other two drives are near end life, buy more spares. ;)
    If you care about the data swap out the soon to die drives. Do one, then when it finishes do the other.