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    Hi all
    it's been some time since the last post here, but I am interested in this plugin so ...
    I am using OMV 5.3.1-1 Usul and I installed rsnapshot using omv-extras.

    Had a little tests with this and I am trying to find:
    1. can source folder be a remote one, let say via ssh ? (the way it can be setup in rsync jobs)
    2. how can I set the compression of the files on the target folder ?
    3. in case 2. cannot be set... how can refer to the result directory in the "post-exec command" (eg : 'tar -czf target.tar.gz /path/of/target/dir')

    I am trying to use rsnapshot so to create daily backups of a remote directory (ssh access)

    thanks in advance

    Hi all
    I am new to OMV and very pleased to see this working on just a pc and not special hardware !!!
    I installed version 5 and just walking around configurations to see OMV's tricks.
    My question is I cannot see any LDAP plugin so enable it and play !
    Is this available on version 5.x ??

    thanks in advance