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    If you're using an SSD for this purpose, Docker storage, then the solution is easy. Don't include the SSD in the UnionFS drive group. Let it be an independent drive. Set up a share on the SSD, to store your Dockers and you're set.

    If you're using a Docker as a downloader, set the location where files are to be saved, in a normal share (Videos for example) that uses the UnionFS mount point.

    The ssd in not in the UnionFS pool.

    Yes im using docker as a downloader. Thats the problem im having when I do that it does not show up. it writes the folders I have setup into the UnionFS pool shared folder. but thats it. Sonarr shows the drives in use but does not show the UnionFS pool shared folder. But if I change it to shared folder that is not apart of the pool it shows up.

    Create a share direct on one of your data drives, to house your Dockers. Docker performance will be good and the merged UnionFS mount point will balance storage around anything you put in the share.

    I new to OMV. but if I make a share folder on one of the drives thats the only drive it will fill up. If not that would make this alot easier cause I can get that setup to work. I was going to use UnionFS for the /media files for the docker. And put the location in the settings and open the docker it does not show the UnionFS pool share.

    So if I make a unionfs filesystem called ted. then go to shared folders and make 3 folders that are all located on the new ted device. Then make a new docker and bind to those folders it writes to them but does not use them in the webgui.

    Now if I make a shared folder on disk1 and make a new docker and bind to those folders it works fine.

    Im using 2 hhd to make my unionfs filesystem. leaving all the settings default. both drives were wiped. The shared folder is everyone: read/write

    The info in protainer says that a file is corrupt. Inside one of the folders. this is using the unionfs ted device.