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    The 3TB drives are running as 2 due to drive size mismatch a raid array with different drive sizes will sizes will configure to the smallest drive size.

    That particular card will need to be flashed to IT mode to ensure HBA

    That would be the simplest way of doing it, otherwise you would have to replace each 3TB drive in turn resync/rebuild the array, once complete 'grow' the array and then the file system to get the maximum capacity.

    So I kind of solved my own issue. I bought the M1015 card, flashed it to LSA IT mode and then replaced the 2tb drives with the new 3tb drives and then expanded my pool. All drives and TBs are showing and available

    Hey everyone,

    So I currently have a RAID 5 set up with 3 2TB HDDs and 2 3TB HDDs. To clarify, the RAID controller im using currently only supports up to 2TB drives so the 3TB drives are showing up as 2TB.

    My question is when I get a new RAID controller (M1015) to upgrade the available capacity of the drives I can use, what would have to happen for me to replace the 2TB drives with 3TB drives and expand the 2TB drives into their full 3TB?

    Would I have to create a new pool using 5 new drives and then transfer all of the data I have to that new pool or is there a way to get the drives that cant be used to full capacity to be used at their full capacity?

    I know this may be confusing but I tried to put it as simply as I could without confusing myself.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!