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    UPDATE: Fixed

    I deleted the config.php file in /nextcloud/config directory.

    The I just tried over and over... you know what they say. 10th times the charm.


    Thanks so much for your videos! They have helped so much in setting up my home network. I just joined your patron in hopes that they keep coming.

    I am getting the calendar error.

    Error: Could not download app calendar


    In your video you say to to delete config and start over. Which config? I have deleted the directory /nextcloud/config and just the config.php in that directory. Also, I have to delete the container and image out of Portainer or the docker run command just says it already exist and will not run. I have also tried deleting the entire contents of my ncdata folder and start over completely and the same error persist. I've tried various combinations of these over 6 or 7 install tries.

    Thanks for any help.