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    I was finally able to try this today. No go for now.

    Some dmesg extracts.

    smartctl output.

    Any suggestions?

    Does anyone have this working? The latest OMV5 version (5.2.5-1 Usul) no longer has a GUI to launch Docker images - the new way is via Portainer. So the howto's out there no longer seem to 'work'.

    I created a macvlan in portainer and then added port declarations, volumes, environment variables and set policy and also tried enabling NET_ADMIN capability but am stuck; this is the error message: failed to create the macvlan port: operation not supported.

    Good evening,

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus 5 TB ( which does not show SMART statistics for the reasons above; however a couple of differences:

    - Rpi 4B
    - OMV 5 (5.2.5-1 Usul)

    Would the solution still to be to echo "options usb-storage quirks=0bc2:ab28:u" >> /etc/modprobe.d/usb-storage-quirks.conf, then update-initramfs -u and finally reboot?

    I see from Workaround 1 at that :u results in using the older slower driver usb-storage; if I think that the drive does not have the firmware bug, I can instead try Workaround 2 which keeps UAS but disables the quirk so that smartctl can interact with it - however I'm not sure of the risk involved, how to check that all is working correctly and right now where (which file) to add this to for Raspbian/OMV5... Any advice?

    BTW armbianmonitor does not seem to be installed anymore:

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ armbianmonitor -u
    -bash: armbianmonitor: command not found

    I can post the output from Diagnostics / Report in case that helps.

    I have a followup question related to this. I have a 5 TB 2.5" USB drive (raspi 4, OMV5), of which I want to use 1.5-2 TB for time machine backups. I believe the recommendation from OMV is not to partition the drive (so just use a 'TimeMachine' folder at the root of the drive). So currently I intend to do this.

    I too want to restrict time machine backups (to 1.5-2 TB). However there are several users with different disk sizes to backup: user1, user 2 (500 GB), user3, user4 (128 GB). To accommodate them I need top create a share pro user and add a quota file:

    cat <<< _EOF_ > /srv/backup/timemachine/user1/ ...etc
    cat <<< _EOF_ > /srv/backup/timemachine/user2/ ...etc

    Then (or at the start) I need to create 4 users (OMV: Access Rights Management, User) and ensure they all belong to the sambashare group. And of course I have to create a shared folder before I can share it via SMB/CIFS.

    Is this right, anything I've not thought of?

    Hi there

    Rpi4, OMV5 installed via the easy script method earlier this week. All good. Except now when I click System => Update Management => Check I get a GPG error:

    In Settings currently neither 'Pre-release updates' nor 'Community-maintained updates' are selected. I understand that like the original poster I need to install a public key, but cannot work out the search string.

    Is this correct (if so, how do I edit the query above) or do I need to do something else?