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    Is there a way of pruning my VM list?

    I have way to many VM's now. But I would like to keep them backed up else where.

    I know I can copy/move/backup the storage (qcow2) and the xml config file for each vm.

    Q1. But how can I remove them from the KVM plugin VM list?

    Q2. And can they be restored to the KVM plugin Vm list, if need be?

    Can anyone tell me how to permanently change the ClamAv MaxDirectoryRecursion from the default 15 to 20?

    /etc/clamav/clamd.conf can be manually edited, but OMV will reset it back to 15 when any other WebUI setting change has been applied.

    It can't be added as an Extra option in the OMV WebUI, Services, Antivirus, Settings section, as that adds another MaxDirectoryRecursion entry to /etc/clamav/clamd.conf file.

    Is there or can there be a section added to the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml to make the above change?

    Is it possible to change the /var/log files location and create a symlink for it ?

    ie /var/log symlink to /udder/drive/logfiles

    Purpose: limited OMV OS drive size, during some vm conversions the debug log file freaks out growing to 50GB sometimes, log-rotate that a few times and there can be several 100GB of log files.

    To install virtio drivers in to a Win 7 (EOL) virtual machine.

    Purpose; to run 32bit embroidery software (installs on win7 only) for a serial connected sewing/embroidery machine for my 79yr old mum.

    Download…/virtio-win- (last version with 32bit installer included).

    Save to your ISO Pool location.

    Attach to your vm (OMV ui, Services, KVM, VMs, Add Optical, Add optical disk).

    Start the VM, boot from hard disk (not CD/DVD).

    Create a win7driver.bat file inside the vm or on a shared omv drive (with 777 permissions) with the following:

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\i386\W7\vioscsi.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\i386\W7\viostor.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\Balloon\w7\x86\balloon.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\NetKVM\w7\x86\netkvm.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\pvpanic\w7\x86\pvpanic.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\qemupciserial\w7\x86\qemupciserial.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\qxl\w7\x86\qxl.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\vioinput\w7\x86\vioinput.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\viorng\w7\x86\vioimg.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\vioscsi\w7\x86\vioscsi.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\vioserial\w7\x86\vioser.inf

    C:\Windows\system32\pnputil -a D:\viostor\w7\x86\viostor.inf

    xcopy /I D:\Balloon\w7\x86 "C:\Program Files\Balloon"

    "C:\Program Files\Balloon\blnsvr.exe" -i

    Note: D: is usually first mounted CD\DVD in windows, change if required.

    Run As Administrator the win7driver.bat from within the vm.

    Reboot vm.

    This has not been tested for Sound driver functionality.

    Drivers tested and working, Mouse, SCSI, Storage, Serial port.

    The latest drivers in the virtio-win- may work, but I have not tested this.

    Credit to…/3#issuecomment-601729634

    Is there a version for it

    No but yes. Sorry that's a bit strange, it's just not a straight forward process.

    But it can be done, I done it yesterday. Note I haven't tested the sound driver yet.

    Give me a couple of days to finish a guide for it and find a place to post it on the forum.

    Is it appropriate to post a "Guide for installing virtio drivers in Win7 / Win server 2012 vm's" in this thread?

    Being that the guide is not exactly related to the KVM plugin, but to after a setup / conversion of a vm.


    Can't delete vm's from kvm plugin with spaces in name.

    It appears a vm with spaces in the name needs to be encapsulated.

    virsh undefine --domain Any Boot CD_DVD
    error: unexpected data 'CD_DVD'
    [root@naso ~]# virsh undefine --domain 'Any Boot CD_DVD'
    Domain Any Boot CD_DVD has been undefined

    Had a thought the other day (and I don't have many ha), what is this kvm plugin going to be like in 12 months time?

    PS Luvin the kvm plugin & OMV so far. Plugin's just make for sooo much good laziness.

    ryecoaaron can copy / paste work between guest and novnc/spice browser window?

    It works with the Krusader file manager container ( I have running, very interested if any guest vm could have this feature also.