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    If you followed DBTech tutorial, even though the tutorial was done 18th March 2020, it is outdated already.

    Traefik is in fast developement, so things change frequently.

    Edit /root/traefik/docker-compose.yml

    Change image: traefik:v2.0


    image: traefik:v2.2

    also a good idea to change api.insecure=false and use the domain entry point ( instead of the local entry point (192.168.x.x:8080)

    and then restart Traefik.

    Restart vis cli

    cd traefik

    docker-compose down

    docker-compose up -d

    Restart via Portainer

    go to Containers, select (tick checkbox) traefik

    click Restart

    Hi all

    Getting an error when using rsync to push from omv 5.4.7-1 to a qnap nas.

    In omv, rsync, job, extra options I have -e "ssh -T -c arcfour -o Compression=no -x" --exclude-from='/root/rsync-excludes'

    I'm not sure if I have the syntax right, but the error is about the ssh cipher, error reads as follows

    Unknown cipher type 'arcfour'

    Is the arcfour cipher not in omv?

    Hi All

    Sorry if this is not the place to ask this question, but I don't know where else to turn.

    I see raulfg3 has added disk temps to netdata, hoping you may be able to help?

    I'm stuck trying to use the netdata ./edit-config script

    I want to add the APC UPS monitoring to Netdata

    The collectors readme file (….plugin/apcupsd/ says to do the following

    cd /etc/netdata

    ./edit-config charts.d/apcupsd.conf

    So I have opened a Portainer console in the netdata container, typed in cd /etc/netdata then ./edit-config charts.d/apcupsd.conf

    This opens the charts.d/apcupsd.conf file for editing.

    But how do I then save the changes I've made? Is there a key stroke combination like vi uses :q ?


    Solved my own question

    The netdata container EDITOR environment variable is vi

    :w to write changes :q to quit, doh

    I must have been in insert mode the first time I tried the : key-stroke, doh again, this hangover is not making it easier...

    Have just updated OMV to 5.4.0 and noticed that when re-configuring MergerFS in the Web UI that the fstab is not updated.

    After a reboot, the changes are still in the Web UI but not in the fstab file.

    Having to edit the Web UI and the fstab is not a good practice to have to do.

    Hi Itookmyprozac

    Thank you very much for your instructions #8, rsync works great now.

    Just want to add a little more to your solution, I need things really basic.

    Better solution... Actually, the right solution: credits Itookmyprozac

    1. Generate certificate ssh (OMV > System > Certificates > SSH)

    a. click Add, Add, enter a comment i.e. omv-ssh-certificate

    b. click Save

    2. Copy it into the media server (from where I want to get the copies) (OMV > System > Certificates > SSH > Copy).

    a. click on omv-ssh-certificate to select it

    b. click Copy

    c. enter details of server to send/copy to

    d. click Copy

    3. Create the rsync job(s) via OMV UI

    a. Type = Remote

    b. Mode = Pull

    c. Source server = source_server_username_or_adminusername@<IP>:/dir1/dir2/etc/

    d. Authentication = Public key

    e. SSH port = 22

    f. SSH certificate = omv-ssh-certificate

    g. other settings as desired

    Try a Dry Run to test connectivity.