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    just installed latest OMV, first thing updated few progs - whatever came up.

    now it just crashes when i press USERS in panel, over and over again

    are you guys sure this is Debian? :):):):)

    new update available, kernel 5.18

    but it wont install

    Reading package lists...
    Building dependency tree...
    Reading state information...
    Calculating upgrade...
    The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-amd64
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.


    i give up, there is nothing in logs about the crash. but it just wont load USER manager.

    just a horrible start in first 15 minutes, gonna format and try something else, posting here in case it's helpful to someone.

    grettings from Australia

    how the $#%#%# did i miss that.

    im sorry to waste your time.

    had a situation where i had to migrate terrabytes of data and the NAS was perfect for the job - im certain after mounting HFS through gui i got write error (used mc on local console to copy) so i did the force thing and never thought to test it further - just did the force thing from there on.

    but testing it now it mounted read/write.
    i guess i was in a hurry and expecting RO only, i dont know

    thank you for your time!

    good point.

    i think it's because there is no HFS journaling support with Linux so option A is to force, option B is to turn journaling off on specific disk.

    Hey guys,

    have OMV 4.1 but most of my disks are HFS,
    OMV mounts HFS plus from web interface but it's read only.
    cli can do mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdb2 xxx/ and then use the web interface to do whatever, it shows up fine.
    but how to make it permanent so it mounts force,rw every time?
    ive heard fstab is a no no
    so is it possible?

    it's just a backup Nas but would ideally leave it as HFS if possible, even if i have to ssh and cli mount

    i agree with you, OMV makes a lot of things simple, i like the email reporting and the fact that it didnt take hours of configuration.
    definitely crontab, the scheduling in OMV looks a little. ummm. incomplete. tried scheduling sleep but then you have to do a separate schedule of each day of the week.
    not sure about backing up the root file system, maybe just configs, it's a 240GB SSD and if it falls over data should be plain ext4 to access with any distro? even OSX.
    it took like 4 minutes to install.
    maybe later when things get more 'configured'

    do you know anything about this SMB/CIFS suffix?
    my home network is kinda extensive and this looks like a lump of dry poo stuck to the leg :)

    Hey guys,

    enjoying a new install of OMV, specially the copying of TBs of data over to the drives :)

    ive gone through all the settings, twice and can't figure out why server is a presented as %SERVERNAME - SMB/CIFS
    it's not from smb.conf and it's not in the web interface

    how to get rid of the SMB/CIFS bit please

    another newb question, i do have Debian experience from way back Woody days, as far as apt goes can i treat this box as a standard Debian box for package management?
    it wont break the OMV install if i install a bunch of things?

    would it be better if i did a Debian install and install OMV on top?

    thank you for reading my post