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    Hi all,

    Over the last couple of weeks I installed OMV 5 and configured it. I copied my master backup of family photos and videos onto the server, however, I wanted to test the usbbackup plugin so that when the time came I could backup this folder to an external drive and keep it off site for safekeeping. No matter what I do I keep getting this error and was hoping someone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. These memories mean a lot to me, and I want to keep them safe.

    I've scoured the OMV forums, youtube, and google and have not found a solution for this issue. I also made sure my system and all the plugins were completely up to date.

    I've attatched the errors as text files, as they are rather large.

    Thank you in advance,



    Hey guys, I tried installing OMV 4, instead of 5, which is the most stable version, and haven't had any issues... :)

    I still would love to see a fix for this though for OMV 5, i noticed this problem also occurs when trying to enable FTP.

    Yea i'm hoping to hear something soon, otherwise i'll have to look for a different NAS software as this error is a deal breaker...

    Were you able to find a fix or update to this? I'm struggling with the exact same issue, and not sure how to fix this. Have spent a long time online looking for an answer but have had no luck. I would appreciate a fix was looking forward to using this software but unable to set this share up, rendering openmediavault useless for me because of this error.

    I've attached my error message. Hope to have a fix soon!