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    Thank you, here are the result :

    The 2 disks (plugged in the expansion card) are visible in the boot settings in bios :

    But nothing in fdisk :

    with lspci -k :

    Do you see anything wrong ?

    So it is fixed

    I had to refresh a few time the linking page and that works ... No idea why

    Now, time to fix that external access problem ... :-/

    Yes but I do not choose, the 10.x.x.x is automatically filled then sometime I can't change

    Like with the netatmo login page that can't find the source request :

    And no way to change the ip in the address bar :


    Every time I need my browser to go back to the docker page, it does not find the right address.

    For example in HASS, I'm redirected to to login into PMS plugin but the autorisation cannot go back to the server ("cannot reach 10.x.x.x") .

    Same thing with every other OAuth ....

    How can I fix that ?

    Thank you ?


    I do not understand nothing about what is happening in my OMV network.

    My public ip adress is 90.x.x.x and omv server is 192.168.1.x

    I tried to link plex addon in home assistant and it failed because plex can't find back the ip 10.x.x.x (what is this private ip ? )

    When I initiate home assistant, it finds my location in Paris (I am in France yes but not in Paris)

    I am running a transmission-openVPN container (in bridge mode), does that affect all containers ? (meaning that all containers run througth openVPN) ?

    To be sure : I ran a shell in the home assistant container to get a traceroute

    - ok I see the 10.x.x.x ip address first, so what is it ?

    - then 2 vlan.x.x. ip address ?

    Please help me to understand ;(

    edit : oh and in the traceroute, I do not see my real public address (90.x.x.x) nor my router ?

    Hello friend,

    I would like to use an external disk to store my traktor library (mp3 songs) and be able to play wherever I am in the house (traktor on pc or mac).

    First step :

    - I initiated the disk in exfat, well that doesn't work ... I try in NTFS and it is ok

    This is a problem since I can't write on the ntfs disk with an apple machine ...

    Second step :

    - My library is on the disk and I need it to play outside. So I (hot) unplug it and plug it again later.

    Third step :

    - Now I need to work on the song, ohhh sh*t the disk isn't mounted and I have to login the interface and mount it manually

    2 things are really annoying :

    - no ways to use an exFat format ? To be able to use the disk either on windows or mac ?

    - Can the disk be automount when I plug it ?

    Or maybe I need to have my libray on an internal disk and just backup to the external with this method ? (Best way to backup server disks via USB?)

    But I still get the exFat problem ...

    Thank you