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    This is the error message:

    I have tried to install the NUT plugin on a Raspberry 4 with OMV 5.6.5-1, but after giving an error, it does not appear in the services panel, although it appears as installed in the plugins panel.

    If I try to uninstall it it gives me another error, I have tried an apt-clean (via web) without success.

    Now when trying to do any system update I get an error because it tries to uninstall openmediavault-nut and it fails.

    I would appreciate some help to solve it.

    Edit: after several tests and a fresh installation, I think it is related to this:

    I am trying to change the name in a Raspberry Pi 4 running OMV 5 and after a long wait I get the following error:

    Curiously, the new name appears in the OMV, but not in "System / network" where the old one appears.

    And in the webgui, the message to apply the changes continues.

    any clues, solution ... ?

    First of all, thanks a lot for the guide and support from the forum guys.

    I want to reinstall Nextcloud using this guide (subdomain method) and I have a question:
    In the configuration file (config.php), is port 445 correct?
    Or should it be 443 (Nextcloud default port)?

    Thanks for the tip gderf !

    I will find out if my router (Huawei 566a) allows NAT reflection.
    It would be easier since I would not have to edit the host file on each machine.

    Or could it be solved by configuring NextCloud?

    I installed nextcloud following the fantastic TechnoDadLife videos (thanks!) and it works perfectly. After that I followed his other video to, thanks to letsencrypt, be able to access safely from the outside.
    The problem I have now is that I can access from the outside, but not from the internal network, automatically redirects me to the subdomain of and not to the internal ip.
    Any clue where the problem may be or how to solve it?

    Try this:
    - SSL (on)
    - ProxyPass (off)
    but you need to generate an SSL key in your OMV (System / certificates)
    in my case it was the only way that would work Sickbeard

    Thanks Culprit, I read this post. Although I am quite newbie, I think it's not quite the same.
    I uninstall Sickbeard and Couchpotato and I reinstalled Sickbed again, but this time using SSL not ProxyPass and it works!?. If I change to ProxyPass go back to not have access to Web client.
    Strangely after Sickbed is running, I reinstalled CouchPotato and now it does not work?!. I access the wizard page (NAS_IP: 5050/# wizard/) but I get a black page, I could not do anything.
    Now I'm finding why Sickbeard do not find any episode and yet I see when I search manually in the provider page, but that's another story ...

    A few days ago I installed sickbeard, after that, in a first attempt to access the sickbeard page (NAS_IP/sickbeard/) the browser back me a "Gateway Time-out". Hours later I try again, and "oh surprise" works.
    After that I configured, started using it, and transmission begins download some chapters.
    Today when I try to access, the browser again returns "Gateway Time-out", like it didn't find the page.
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, change the repository, restart the service via terminal, but nothing has worked.

    Any idea to find / solve the problem?