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    I have speed issue when copying files from RPI 4 4GB through LAN 1GBs network. Copy from PC->RPI is good about 70-80 MB/sec but copy frop RPI->PC is really bad it is only 300-500 KB/sec

    exactly the same problem here!

    RaspPi4 4GB, OMV 5.2.1-1 (Usul)

    HDD 5TB Seagate Backup Plus (connected on USB 3.0) and ext4

    Copying from PC to RPi4 round about 90-110 MB/sec, but ycopying from RPi4 back to PC round about 300-800 KB/sec....sometimes i get a peak of over 1MB/sec, but sometimes it just goes to ~150 KB/sec.... wow....

    can't work with such slow speeds....any solutions already?