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    I need the Pi to connect to a WLAN and share that network on the Ethernet port and act as an DHCP server on eth0.

    I`m using OMV5 on Raspberry pi (Buster). before installing OMV I was able to setup dnsmasq DCHP server and network bridge via /etc/network/interfaces this worked.

    after installing OMV5 I am struggling to setup the DHCP and the bridge
    I understand that i have to use systemd-network now.

    How do I setup a DHCP server ? I tried to install dnsmasq (clean buster install followed by OMV5) but could not get that working.
    Which DHCP needs/can be used?

    Do i need to use a special folder for the network settings in order for OMV5 to recognize these instead of /etc/systemd/network

    any help is much appreciated