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    I upgraded from OMV 3.0 to 4.1 and it worked, but there are old Virtualbox versions (5.1.26) on Bintray so I had to pin the official Stretch Backports repository (5.2.10). I also had to manually remove the VNC extension and install the official extension pack manually with "vboxmanage extpack install" because on Bintray there is only the 5.2.8 installer which crashes Virtualbox everytime a VM is started.

    Can you remove/update the packages on Bintray so it works out of the box?

    But no releases. So, that is why we aren't using it

    At least a RC is offered on Github. Sadly the original developer abandoned the project and new commits seem to be rather slow:

    This is a problem with virtualbox itself not the plugin.

    Maybe it is best if I report it to Virtualbox directly then.

    What makes you think that? 5.2.4 is in buster and sid - link. 5.1.30 being available in backports is pretty good too.

    I was referring to this bug report:

    But it is awesome to see it back in backports and in the main repository in future releases at least.

    Nope. The virtualbox repo has issues all the time. I can't put their packages in bintray's repos due to licensing. Their package includes everything and is no need to install the QT gui client on a headless system. The official packages have different names which means the plugin dependencies have to be updated with every minor release. And finally, for some reason the official packages are horrible to upgrade between major versions.

    I can understand that, it wasn't completely clear to me yet. I see the problems with upgrading all the time from the official repository if a VM is still running or even if only some process still runs. It leaves any package upgrades unfinished until Virtualbox is shut down and all its processes stopped.

    Anyway, thanks for providing the plugin. I still like it very much and run a dozen or more VMs with it. It was the primary reason for using OMV for me after all.


    is it possible to build a newer version of Virtualbox? Virtualbox 5.2.4 is now out and PhpVirtualbox is also getting updated to work with 5.2 in the Github repository:

    Aside from that, the plugin has some serious problems if VM's are stopped and started for a few times leading to crashes aborting all VboxHeadless processes (and by that, all VM's at once):

    [1461860.435092] EventHandler[6950]: segfault at 7f5b00000032 ip 00007f5bb08718ac sp 00007f5ba9268cc0 error 4 in[7f5bb081a000+ff000]

    I did not have these crashes with the official Virtualbox packages for Debian in the past. Now that Debian abandoned Virtualbox anyway, wouldn't it be better to use the official ones again?


    is it possible to run the Docker plugin on OMV 3.0 Erasmus with the 4.7 backports kernel? It would need from backports instead of the docker-engine package.

    IF you want to use 4 HDDs in something that only costs 200 € max. then you should go for a used desktop PC that has enough SATA ports (you need an SSD/USB stick for OMV itself as you can't install it on the data drives). If you are lucky, you could find even some Mini ITX system, otherwise you could get some silent cooler to minimize the noise of an ATX system...

    5.0.24 is in jessie-backports at the moment. The most important update in 5.1 is the new QT 5 UI, but this does not matter on a Server/NAS anyway. I think the backports version is quite up to date and I hope the plugin will still work on 3.0...

    Will the plugin still install the Extension Pack?


    is there a particular reason why there is no https support for the forum? Login data is actually transferred over unencrypted http which is quite disturbing nowadays.

    Wouldn't at least a free certificate from LetsEncrypt or Startssl/Wosign be better than the current situation?


    In GParted you can go to "Device" -> "Create Partition Table" and select msdos. Then your disk will be initialized (all partitions are removed) with an MBR style partition table.

    I found this on Virustotal:…345dc305c063a87/analysis/

    Looks like a DDos malware. It is probably Chinese, here is a google translated page with more information (original language is Chinese):…rg%2F20150908_191437.html

    Another forum with more information on this:…=16&t=3509&p=26480#p26480

    Is this a good example why Linux servers should run antivirus software as well?

    Using SSH key based authentification only is a good idea. Running the Fail2ban plugin too. Those brute force attackers leave you alone if you block their IP for a short time after a few failed login attemts.


    I am running the latest OMV 2.1 with kernel 3.16 (backports) on two different systems with Asus mainboards (P9X79 and P8P67 Pro, both with i7 CPUs). Both of them run several virtual machines using Virtualbox 5.0.10. I switched off most power settings for maximum performance. I had these messages already on older OMV releases (0.6, 1.0) and kernels (3.2) as well as older Virtualbox releases (4.3.x).

    Interestingly, I have another similar Asus motherboard (P8P67) running Ubuntu LTS, but I don't get these messages on that system.

    These messages pop up from time to time in dmesg and the console, although I am not experiencing any problems:

    [396864.035333] Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 30 on CPU 7.
    [396864.035363] Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
    [396864.035383] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue
    [517312.723207] Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 30 on CPU 0.
    [517312.723235] Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
    [517312.723257] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

    Thank you