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    another thing: as I was trying to install nextcloud, I had to change web GUI port to 81. At my next login, the login page keeps reloading. checked with df to confirm none of partitions were nearing full, it works with IE and chrome incognito. Only happens with regular chrome, tried empting out the cache several times at no avail.


    I am trying to setup a firewall rule on my omv 5 box to block out (drop) all inbound traffic from foreign countries. At first I thought it would be pretty straight forward, but soon discovered it is a bit more involving than I had imagined. On Synology NAS, they have this nifty feature for picking out country of origin. Would I be better off finding an external firewall / portainer app to do this?

    Got this all figured out! looks like there was a separate shared folder section in the smb/cifs section, separate from the global(?) shared folders. At least I got the smb sharing all working, seems to be plenty fast. Also, I was worried the drives I took straight out of Xpenology may not be readable by OMV due to its proprietary stuff (if any) despite being ext4. Thankfully it was a painless process - all I had to do was to mount them manually.

    While at it, I successfully installed krusader, but it was far from what I was envisioning it to be. All I really wanted was a relatively secure file upload/download GUI with drag and drop support that could be used under less than ideal environment (semi-public, no time or privillege to set up ssh, etc). DSM Filestation is what I am used to, maybe I should look into NextCloud?


    I am setting up my very first OMV machine with a pair of HDDs. It was previsouly running older xpenology build, but I got tired of dragged out updating process and hoping to migrate to OMV.

    Just got it installed last night, still in the process of learning how to set everything up. Still need to setup Krusader+docker and wireguard+docker, this is only the beginning :D

    Here is my first stumbling block (other than editing the sdb1 entry in grub to sda1):

    When I first enabled samba, I've made a dummy account(user) and a random folder on the drive to share for testing purposes. Seemed to work well on my win10 client PC, but for the real thing I wanted to share the entire drive(s) like I had it back on the xpenology. Made new shared forlders pointing to the root folder of the respective drives, gave read/right to the dummy account. Applied all the changes, but still showing nothing more than the random folder I shared at the outset.

    Then I removed the account, made a new one with access to the root folders. Strangely, the new account also shows that random folder and that only (note that I never even made an attempt to give the new account access to that folder). I think I've tried all the simple fixes I could come up with (e.g. re-logging in on the win 10 client, restarting the omv machine, disable/enable samba, delete shared folders, etc). BTW, the folder that persistently shows up from the win10 client cannot be deleted from the web UI (button grayed out even when SMB is disabled).

    What am I missing? Thanks!