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    I don't know if its a OMV issue but I can't run iperf 3 (my SMB transfer is slow +/- 50mb/s). I have a connection refused :

    I tested between Windows and my iPhone, no problem, the problem comes from OMV... but I don't know why :D

    Have I missed something ?

    thank you =)


    This is normal behavior, Docker applications are "jailed", that's why you have to link volumes.

    If you want more folders to show in Nas, you need to add many volumes as needed :

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/TestSync:/sync
    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Movies:/movies
    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/TV:/tv


    I'm trying to configure a rsync with an SFTP server. I have an error when I run the rsync:

    I'm sure the distant folder exists, should I use another notation?

    Thank you :)

    Update: just tested in SSH:

    I have the same error as boris431

    2020-07-02 00:31:30: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Files: permission denied
    2020-07-02 00:31:30: Error on folder "radarr" (nvjxh-tcrae): folder path missing

    I resetted permissions in the SharedFolder, but i still have the error :(

    It works locally if I set the folder /config instead of the /srv/.... but files are downloaded in my appdata folder (where portainer info are stored).

    Just to be sure, in Shared Folders on OMV, show us the absolute path (you can enable it by right clic > absoluth path), but everythong seems ok on the mapping. I'm also a beginner, so sorry to not help you better.

    You can switch OMV language to Italian if you want


    I'm going to make my backup strategy but before that, i have few questions:

    May main goal is to save :

    - Media (movies,tv,etc) > (Rsync to another disk)

    - OS > backup from omv-backup > keep 7 days > Duplicati with OneDrive

    - AppData > Rsnapshot / Duplicati with OneDrive

    Let's say that I start from scratch with OpenMediaVault but that I want to use the backup of AppData.

    When I reinstall my docker images, I set the path to directories of my backup and all datas from images will works ? Nothing more ?

    Sorry if it is not very understandable. Basically, if I put the AppData folder and pull the images, everything will be ok?

    Quick question, isn't possible to choose a specific hour ?

    If I understand correctly, 1 backup will created everyday ? But at what time ?

    Update : you need to manually edit the cron file at /etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsnapshot

    If I understand correctly, the cron is executed every night at 03:30


    I'm trying to organize my backup strategy. I use omv-backup, to backup my OS partition every night (DD mode). Now I want to backup my sharefolder AppData on another disk too.

    With Rsync in OpenMediavault, is it possible to keep X days of backup and create sperated folders like :

    • Backup/AppData/2020/06/29/
    • Backup/AppData/2020/06/28/
    • Backup/AppData/2020/06/27/
    • Backup/AppData/2020/06/26/


    Thank you !

    Thank you all for your replies. I think I'll create a rsync job to copy my data 1 or 2 times per day, it seems the "simplest" way if one of my HD dies.


    I'm a relative beginner with Linux ecosystem, so pardon me if it's a dumb question. I'm looking some YT videos from TechnoDadLife (thank you very much, English isn't my native language but your videos are very understandable!!!).

    In one of his video (OMV 5 complete install), he creates an "additional user" Jeff. I'll the only one user on the server (my family use only Plex clients).

    Can I keep "root" user or is it recommended creating my user "alex" ?

    Thank you