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    Hi guys,

    I have the same speed issue as @K4BlOs when copying files from RPI 4 4GB through LAN 1GBs network.

    Problem occures especially with large files (.mkv ~2GB/file) from RPi to PC.

    Small PDFs and other documents work like a charme.


    - Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM

    - 2x HDD 2,5" Western Digital Red 1TB (connected on USB 3.0), formatted on ext4

    - 1x Raidsonic ICYBox 2.5"-NAS in RAID1

    - both HDD's are powered through the NAS-enclosure with its own supply connected to USB3.1 cable delivered with the NAS

    - SD card SanDisk Extreme 64GB


    - Raspbian Buster 2020-02-13

    - Openmediavault 5.5.3-1 (Usul)

    - HDD's are in RAID1 (mirror) through NAS and ext4 formatted

    - samba config (see attached picture)

    I haven't tried out the sticky note and I dont hav eeluge or any other torrent client installed.

    I'm simply using nextcloud via Docker to get my stuff accessed from the web and via samba from home.

    Hope, that somebody can help me out..