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    Just an update for anyone who finds this thread further down the line. I managed to fix the problem by installing exfat-fuse by following this:

    [Guide]How to mount ExFat USB Drives Manually and use them on OpenMediaVaults WebUI

    Now just need to find a way to fix a separate NTFS drive which seems to be failing to be mounted.

    I previously had Plex running on OMV and a RPi4 without any hiccups. But for some reason after changing my router, the Plex just wouldn't play ball. I gave up tinkering and just started afresh. However, now with a fresh install, 2 out of the 3 external drives I was previously using gives this error when I try to mount them:

    Can anyone give me some advice on what is the problem? Thx in advance!


    I'm totally new to OMV. I've followed a few video and web tutorials and managed to set up Plex using Portainer on OMV running on a Raspberry Pi 4. I've been able to add all the shares accordingly through USB drives plugged directly into the Pi. However, I have an old LG N2B1 NAS which has a few folders being shared on the network also via SMB and NFS shares. However, I am unable to add these to OMV through RemoteMount. I keep getting errors. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks.