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    Hi all,

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge before we begin, this is my first project and first time using a Linux based system.

    Basically I have built a NAS using a rpasberry Pi 4 with OMV installed on a 32GB SD card with a 128GB SSD for general file storage and two 2.5" HDD's for media storage.

    I am using MiniDLNA to stream media to my smart TV, everything was working fine up until tonight, I went onto the TV and MiniDLNA was only showing my "Movies" folder, but not my "TV Shows" one. And in the movies folder it was only showing one movie and one folder with maybe 30 movies in it. This is only a fraction of what is stored in that shared folder.

    I have ACL set to read/write/execute for root, users and others. And MiniDLNA is checked in read/write in ACL.

    I don't know how to access my config file.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated, thanks and sorry again for being such an amateur!;(