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    We just found out that his 4 drives all have the same serial number because the sata<-> usb converter all provide the same serial:


    So OMV (or any other os) can not distinguish the drives apart, except where they are plugged in in the usb port.

    XY is going to contact the manufacturer to see if it somehow can be changed per drive.

    It seems that ovm2 raid setup was done with a 1:1 mirror of sda/sdb in his case with an ext4 filesystem directly on the md device.
    The conversion basically meant creating a raid partition on the drives.
    After that, omv4 was happy again.
    nettozzie did a great job describing what I did on his system.
    There were some complications because the drives had both ext4 & zfs signatures on it, had to remove all of those.
    Hope it helps other people who are struggling with this issue.

    Followup from IRC

    Running omv4 on intel hardware

    Turned out plex somehow set an environment variable.
    I did a "unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH" and was able to finish the upgrade

    Running omv4 on intel hardware

    Did the same on my RPI3 running omv4 and it upgraded just fine.

    Any ideas/suggestions ?

    got an error posting to the forum, suggesting I should try again later, which I did. Only to find out it had done multiple postings. Sorry for that!

    I wrote the plugin. Is that enough knowledge?
    I need to try and replicate this problem to fix it.

    I was referring to "more knowledge than I have" , was not trying to insult you.
    I am simply out of options how to help him.

    Sorry for my miss communication
    And thanks for fixing it

    Uninstall the remotemount plugin and install it again.

    I just tried to help him and he did exactly that.
    First removed all config thru webgui.
    removed module through gui
    removed every reference to the UUID recursive in /etc/ with CLI
    rebooted OMV
    loaded modules again,
    redid config.
    He still gets the same error.
    I tried a similar config on one of my omv's.
    Worked right up.
    But when I tried to remove the config, I got the same error (different UUID of course)
    I think it is worth it if someone with more knowledge would take a look at this.